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Easy Steps To Get More Coins: The Finals

Players can get coins that will allow them to purchase various skins and other goodies in The Finals.

Furthermore, since the game is still in beta, there is a possibility of having more items to purchase and obtain when the game officially releases.

In The finals, players cannot get more coins because the game is still in its beta phase. Furthermore, players can expect the addition of various other items when the game goes into a full official release later.

This article discusses whether there is a way to get more coins in The Final Game.

What Are Coins In The Finals?

The Finals is an FPS game inspired by games like Fortnite and Fall Guys.

The game features various mechanics from games like Fortnite and Valorant.

This means players who like FPS games will find this game up to their tastes.

The game is unavailable for everyone; however, the developers are conducting various beta testing right now.

Coins are a type of currency in The Finals, which can be obtained by spending real money or participating in special events or promotions.

Coins are primarily used for purchasing cosmetic gear, such as masks, outerwear, pants, boots, and weapon skins.

These items do not affect your gameplay performance, but they allow you to customize your appearance and style.

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How To Get More Coins In The Finals?

Coins in The Finals allow players to purchase various items in the in-game shop.

The items are primarily cosmetic, however, we do not know what the developers will offer later in the game’s life cycle.

According to various players, the game provides 10,000 coins in the Beta phase.

The players can use these coins to purchase various stickers, weapon skins, charms and more.

Furthermore, the game also provides various exclusive rewards for the Beta players.

Here is a list of all rewards that players can obtain from the beta testing phase:

  • Level 1: Legendary Ospuze Pourin’ weapon skin
  • Level 2: Rare Ospuze Pull Tab charm
  • Level 3: Epic Ospuze Bold sticker
  • Level 4: Rare Ospuze Pourin’ spray
  • Level 5: Legendary Ospuze Poppin’ weapon skin
  • Level 6: Rare Ospuze Pourin’ sticker
  • Level 7: Rare Ospuze Quench charm
  • Level 8: Legendary Ospuze Performin’ weapon skin
  • Level 9: Epic Spill Proof emote
  • Level 10: Rare Ospuze Pyro Pint charm
  • Level 11: Rare Ospuze Billboard spray
  • Level 12: Rare Ospuze grip cosmetic
  • Level 13: Rare Ospuze Pro Juice charm
  • Level 14: Epic Octopuze sticker
  • Level 15: Rare Octopuze OB Six Pack cosmetic
  • Level 16: Epic Ospuze Obstructor outfit
The Finals in game coin shop
The Finals in-game shop with various items.

According to players, these rewards will carry over to the full release of the game.

Furthermore, players can also expect other goodies once the game is released later.

However, it is better to keep the expectations low to avoid disappointment.

The Bottom Line

The ability to gain more coins in any game will be unknown until the game is released to the public.

In the case of The Finals, the game just completed its Beta, thus, the information about the game’s monetization is still unclear.

However, players can expect various other ways to earn more coins and purchase various goodies in the in-game shop.

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