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Best Talisman In Mortal Kombat 1

Equipping the Talisman in Mortal Kombat 1 can offer you various buffs to your character during a fight.

However, knowing which Talisman suits your character and playstyle can be an issue.

Windbreaker is one of the best Talismans in Mortal Kombat, as players create a gust of wind that stuns the opponent and deals insane damage.

Continue reading to learn about the Talisman and the best Talisman to get in Mortal Kombat 1.

What Is Talisman In MK1?

A Talisman is one of the aspects that offer bonus abilities to a character.

Players can obtain them after defeating the enemy in the invasion mode.

Furthermore, they can also be obtained from secret figures, a chest that needs a key, or completing the invasion mode.

They are used in combat to gain certain moves and damage opponents more.

To use talent, you can directly equip it by selecting talent from your character tab.

Talisman can be equipped directly from the character tab.

However, they have limited charge and uses. If you leave them as they are, they won’t be ready when you are against strong opponents.

For that, you also have the option to upgrade them from the upgrade page.

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Know The Best Talisman In Mortal Kombat 1

There are more than ten Talismans in Mortal Kombat 1 that you can obtain.

Each one has unique stats and playstyle; you will unlock them while playing the Invasion mode.

Furthermore, in Mk1 Windbreaker is one of the most potent and best Talismans you can get, among others.

You will get this from one of the encounters behind the Netherstone walls in Shang Tsung’s Laboratory.

This means you have finished all the Invasion and got the Scorpion key.

Additionally, you will get a maximum of 8 Charges after it reaches level 30.

When players use this item, the character turns around and releases a fart.

Best Talisman
As you use the Talishman, the character will crouch and fart to release the green gust of wind.

If the opponent touches that fart, it will deal insane damage, and one shot an enemy in most insane.

Many players have shared that it is the best and strongest Talisman they have found until now.

However, you can counter it by jumping over the wind and charging the opponent.

What Makes Windbreaker The Best Talisman?

The bonus and stats it provides make Windbreaker the best Talisman in Mk1.

1. Insane Damage

Once players create the green smoke, it deals +15 Damage to the opponent.

Taking more than 50% of their health or defeating them instantly.

2. Epic Category

Most of the Talisman you get is ranked uncommon or rare.

On the contrary, Windbreaker Talisman in MK1 is placed in the epic category, the highest category for a Talisman.

3. Bonuses

Lastly, it provides you with bonuses such as :

  • +1200% Push On Activation
  • +6 Max charges
  • +1050% Damage to Meter
  • +1500 Damage

Another Best Talisman In MK1

Another one that places the best Talisman is called Chaos Armor.

It is a defensive Talisman that allows you to be invisible for a particular time.

You can get it by playing a secret fight, and it only requires you to be invasion level 16.

Furthermore, it provides bonuses to your character, such as +9 Max Charges, Converts to Fire, and a +10% Pull on Activation.

However, it is not a close windbreaker as it doesn’t deal any damage to opponents.

The Bottom Line

Talismans are an aspect that can be equipped on all characters in MK1.

The best Talisman you can obtain is Windbreaker in MK1 after reaching level 30 in Invasion

Windbreaker Talisman in MK1 deals +1500 damage to the opponent.

Therefore, if you want to win the battle on MK1 easily, try to obtain this Talisment by competing in the Invasion Mode.

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