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Secret Fight In Mortal Kombat 1: The Hidden History

Mortal Kombat 1, a fighting game released on September 19, 2023, introduced a new Invasion mode.

The Secret Fight in Mortal Kombat 1 is a random fight that can happen during the Invasion mode.

The Secret Fight is available in invasion mode. Players can randomly run into the Secret Fight during the Invasion. Furthermore, players can also encounter Secret Fight in story mode.

This article discusses Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1), Invasion mode and Secret Fight.

What Is Invasion Mode In Mk1?

Invasion Mode is the new single-player mode in Mortal Kombat 1.

This mode combines fighting mechanics with board games and RPG elements.

Invasion Mode
MK2 has introduced a new mode featuring an element of a board and RPG game.

With this mode, players will get a compelling and more content-rich experience on a single player.

It updates every six weeks, bringing new boards and themes to MK1.

Additionally, this mode offers many features, including cosmetics, unlocking talismans, and increasing character level.

Furthermore, this mode involves exploring the stages and encountering the opponents at each stage step.

Players will first encounter the fight at Johnny Cage‘s mansion along with some challenges in each place they move.

These challenges can be from a three-round fight to a fight with a modifier or test.

There are 8 Invasion mazes you can complete in Mortal Kombat.

Here are those mazes:

  1. Living Forest
  2. Fengian Village
  3. Fire Temple
  4. Sun Do Festival
  5. Wu Shi Academy
  6. Shang Tsung’s laboratory
  7. Tarkatan Colony
  8. Gateway Portal
All maps
You can complete all the invasions on these eight maps and increase the character level.

Particular fight encounters nodes can lead to some chests; however, the path is blocked by debris.

However, the debris can be removed only by solving puzzles or deciphering it.

Fighting Puzzles

Some puzzles that require you to fight with strong opponents are given below.

1. Sun Do Festival: Toasty!!!

In this mode, players need to fight the Havik. 

However, using the Scorpion Fatality as the Clue Toasty suggests would be best.

2. Fengjing Village: ESDORYT TEH DWLOR

You have to fight with Geras with Cyax equipped as a Kameo.

Then, use Cyax Fatality to win the Fight and continue to gather the reward.

3. Fire Temple: KCIRT TAH

The node in the fire temple will initiate a fight with Nitaara.

Moreover, you must have a Kung Lao as a Kameo version and perform his fatality on the enemy.

After defeating the enemy, you can progress to the chest.

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What Is Secret Fight In Mk 1?

Secret Fight was discovered in the Mortal Kombat 1.

However, after completing the Johnny Cage’s mansion invasion, players will encounter this Secret Fight.

The fights in Secret Fight are complex and do not provide anything.

Players will encounter at least 30 Secret fights from the second island to the last.

However, players can also encounter three Secret Fights in the story mode.

Secret Fight in MK1
Secret Fight in MK1 is a random fight that can happen during the Invasion mode.

The player will fight against an entirely new character in this Secret Fight.

This fight is triggered in chapter 15, the last chapter of story mode.

Those characters are Cyber Smoke, a mime version of Johnny Cage, and Janet Cage, who is the female version of Johnny Cage.

Two things trigger these Secret Fights:

  • It is character-dependent. So, you will likely get this Secret Fight if you pick Reptile, Johnny Cage or Tara as your primary character.
  • Another is random, like in the Invasion mode.

Now, players who want to do all three Secret Fights or one they miss.

They can navigate the chapter list menu and select the Deadly Alliance in chapter 15.

Secret Fight invasion mode
Select the Deadly Alliance in Chapter 15.

This is where the Secret Fight happens.

The fight will not be triggered all the time. However, it is also not so rare; players can get them after five tries.

The Bottom Line

The Secret Fight is featured in the Invasion Mode and Story mode of MK1.

Invasion mode is the single-player mode with many fights and clues to earn exclusive rewards.

Players encounter the Secret Fight randomly, which is very hard to complete.

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