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How To Unlock Quilted Heart Relic In Remnant 2 ?

In Remnant 2, Quilted Heart is a rare Relic that can be obtained by completing all the encounters in the Losomn Biome.

Quilted Heart is a rare Relic that negates Stamina Drain and causes Evades to heal for 15 Health over 0.25 seconds. In addition, the effect lasts for 20 seconds.

In this article, we will explore this Relic in Remnant 2, the advantages of the Quilted Heart, and its significance in the game.

What Are Relic In Remnant 2?

Relics in Remnat 2 are the different consumables with limited charges, initially starting with three.

They provide various effects, such as healing, damage reduction, and other bonuses.

Players can further increase the number of charges by upgrading the Relics.

To upgrade the Relics, the player must present three essential items: 1000 Scrap, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and a Simulacrum to Wallace in Ward 13.

Relics are essential to any player’s arsenal, as they can provide various tactical options and playstyles.

Furthermore, they can also be used to supplement a player’s build.

Moreover, 20 rings were introduced in Remnant 2, each with unique attributes and effects.

In Remnant 2, players can find Relics through random drops or as rewards for completing specific tasks.

Relics are great for players to survive in a harsh environment.

Understanding Quilted Heart

Quilted Heart is the Relic from the Remnant: From the Ashes that has made the return in Remnant 2.

This Relic negates Stamina Drain, including charged melee attacks, sprinting, and evading.

Furthermore, it causes Evade to heal for 15 health over 0.25 seconds. However, it does not provide the standard healing the Dragon Heart provides.

Quilted Heart In Remnant 2
Quilted Heart is a Relic that doesn’t provide Standard healing.

You can use the Quilted Heart in the following ways;

  1. To use this Relic, you simply need to equip it in the Relic slot.
  2. Use it in conjunction with other Relics which helps you to use multiple Relics.
  3. Use it when you are in low health. This will increase your health as you evade and quickly close the distance between you and the enemy.

Quilted Heart can be found in Brocwithe Quarter when you speak with the Oracle of the Dran after bringing two children.

Oracle of the Dran is an NPC you will find sitting behind the sewing machine.

How To Obtain Quilted Heart In Remnant 2?

Quilted Heart is a powerful Relic you can obtain by completing a quest at Brocwith Quarter.

Here are the steps to get the Quilted Heart;

  1. Find the Oracle of the Dran that will assign you to find the two children within the city.
  2. The first child, you can find him mumbling a song in the middle of the city.
  3. For the Second, he will be sitting behind the house over the pile of bricks; you just have to go near him, and he will follow you to the hideouts.
  4. Once you have found both children, return to the lady. She will give you the Recovery trait as a reward.
  5. Then, as you encounter bosses and events in Losomn, the Oracle of Dran sews the progress in a curtain.
  6. Finally, when you finish all the encounters, you will get the Quilted Heart as a reward.
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The Bottom Line

The Quilted Heart is a Strong Relic that can significantly enhance your chances of survivability in Remnant 2.

Negating the stamina drain and healing on evade can help fully in close-quarter combat.

However,  20 seconds is not enough while fighting the world bosses.

Hopefully, this article gave you an insight into the Quilted Heart and how to get it.

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