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Blue Jays Find In BG3: How To Find It?

The Blue Jays Find is a quest location marked on the map by a friendly character Blue Jay in BG3.

He will show you the place after you help him get his nest back from some eagles at Rosymorn Monastery.

Moreover, he will tell you that some treasure is hidden there but is not very impressive.

To find the Blue Jay’s Find in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must help a blue jay reclaim his nest from some eagles at the Rosymorn Monastery and then pass a Survival check to locate his hidden stash. The stash contains some gold, a ruby, and a violin.

This article discusses everything about Blue Jays Find and how to get it in BG3.

What Is Blue Jays Find In BG3? 

Blue Jays Find is a location that players can find after they help the Blue Jays while exploring the Rosymorn Monastery

Furthermore, the side quest location ties into the players finding the ceremonial Warhammer.

The Blue Jays Find is a hidden treasure location that can contain various items within it.

However, the rewards are unique to every player. 

Thus, you should not expect the same set of items that other players obtain from the chest. 

However, it is still a reward, thus, players can expect currency and other items. 

How To Find The Blue Jays Find In BG3? 

Players must first meet the Blue Jays before getting the opportunity to find the Blue Jays Find. 

The blue jay tells you that some treasure is buried under a patch of dirt with flowers on it.

You must make a high survival check or use a shovel to dig it up.

The treasure consists of gold, a ruby, and a musical instrument.

Here are some steps to find the Blue Jays Find in BG3.

1. Go To Rosymorn Monastry

First, go to Rosymorn Monastery, located on the map’s mountain pass area.

You can access it by following the road from Druid Grove or by using the fast travel point near the entrance.

2. Find The Blue Jay

While exploring the Rosymorn Monastery, you will encounter a nest with the Blue Jay. 

 Rosymorn Monastery
Meet the Blue Jay near the rooftop of Rosymorn Monastery.

The nest is near the path to the roof of the Monastery.

Here, players will meet the Blue Jay and must interact with it. 

The player must use the ability to talk with animals to communicate with the Blue Jay. 

Interact with blue jay BG3
Use speak with animals to interact with the Blue Jay.

After you interact with the Blue Jay, it will explain that eagles have taken over its nest on the rooftop. 

3. Help The Blue Jay

After you get the side quest, head towards the rooftop. 

Here, you will meet two eagles, a mother and her child.

You may want to interact with them and convince them to leave the nest. 

However, they will turn hostile, tell you that the nests are theirs and leave them. 

Ancient eagle is hostile BG3
The ancient eagle is hostile toward the players in Baldur’s Gate 3.

4. Defeat The Eagles

After your hostile interaction with the eagles, you must defeat them. 

Thenafter, the Blue Jay will come to the nest once more. 

blue jays find bg3
Defeat the eagles and interact with the Blue Jay.

Then, it will tell you it does not have a reward that it can give immediately.

However, marks a location in your map where it has hidden a chest. 

5. Obtain The Chest

Travel to the location marked by the Blue Jay. The location you will want to head to is the ferry docks.

Here, you will come across a survival check, and if you fail this check, you can simply dig the area and obtain the chest. 

blue jays find bg3
Map location for Blue Jays find Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, the chest will pop up immediately if you pass the survival check. 

The chest you obtain is the Blue Jay’s Find, and the quest marker marks it.

Ensure to learn to Cure Perfection and Send To Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

The Bottom Line

The Blue Jays Find in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a side quest location, thus, players do not need to complete it.

However, if you are a completionist, you can go for it. 

Furthermore, players may find the rewards within the chest rather disappointing due to the varying rewards. 

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