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How To Wake Up Knocked Out In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Knocking someone out is useful against someone who becomes your party member.

This new mechanic which avoids bloodshed is unlocked for all classes in BG3(Baldur’s Gate 3).

Wake up knocked out in BG3 means to bring back a character to consciousness who has been knocked unconscious. Depending on the situation and game mechanics, you can use various methods like healing, throwing potions etc.

Continue reading to learn more about how to wake up knocked out and when to use knocked out in BG3.

What Is Wake Up Knocked Out In BG3?

Wake up knocked out means trying to revive a character who has been unconscious during the game.

Players often seek ways to bring these characters back to consciousness so they can continue playing or interact with them.

If you are safe, you can wait until the character wakes up alone.

However, if you are in a hurry, you can throw a healing potion or revival.

Basics Of Knocking Out Enemies In BG3

Knocking someone out means simply making them unconscious.

Some enemies are immune to being knocked unconscious, such as undead creatures.

Moreover, be careful not to deal much damage while knocking an enemy out, as they can die.

Additionally, using crowd control abilities, such as stuns and freezes, can make it easier to knock an enemy out.

knocked out
Knocking someone out in Baldur’s Gate 3.

When To Knock Someone Out In BG3?

Here are some steps on when to knock someone out in BG3:

  • To avoid killing someone, they are a quest-giver, a potential ally, or someone you don’t want to kill.
  • If you want to gather information from an enemy by capturing and interrogating them.
  • Some quests require you to knock someone out to complete a quest’s objectives.
  • This could be useful in a combat situation to prevent attacking your allies.
  • To disable someone if you need to restrain or transport them safely.
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How To Knock Someone Out In BG3?

Here are some ways to knock someone out in BG3:

1. Non-Lethal Attacks

Firstly, enable Toggle Non-Lethal Attacks, which you can find in the Passive tab at the bottom of your screen.

This passive ability allows you to deal with non-lethal damage to enemies, knocking them unconscious instead of killing them.

toggle non lethal attack
Deal with non-lethal damage to enemies. 

2. Use Melee Weapon

Non-Lethal Attacks only work with a melee weapon, so equip one.

Select the character or enemy you want to knock out.

Aim for the head, as headshots are more likely to knock an enemy out.

How To Wake Up Knocked Out In BG3?

Here are some useful tips on how to wake up knocked out in BG3:

1. Wait For A While

After a while, unconsciousness wears off naturally, and the character will wake up alone.

This can take a few minutes or even hours, depending on the severity of the knockout

Take them to a safe place if you are in a dangerous area.

However, this can prevent them from being attacked by enemies while they are unconscious.

2. Use A Potion

Throw a potion of healing or revival on the unconscious character to wake them up immediately.

Open your inventory, right-click on a potion, select the Throw Item, and aim it at your unconscious character.

3. Cast A Spell

If you are a spellcaster, you can use spells like Revivify or Raise Dead to wake up a knocked-out character.

However, these spells can be difficult to cast since they are high-level.

Moreover, if your character has a special ability to wake up a knocked-out character, use it.

For example, the Cleric’s Divine Strike ability can deal non-lethal damage to enemies, knocking them unconscious.

The Bottom Line

Wake up knocked out means to bring someone unconscious back to consciousness.

If these methods don’t work, consider alternative ways to complete the quests without relying on the character.

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