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How To Make Arabella Stay Or Leave In BG3?

Arabella Jill is a non-player (NPC) who appears in Act 1 of the BG3 game as a central figure in a quest line within the Druid Grove area.

Depending on your choices and actions, you can make Arabella stay or leave in BG3, affecting her fate and your rewards.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can determine whether Arabella stays or leaves based on your decisions: you can subtly signal her to escape or choose to send her to the camp for interactions with Withers.

In this article, we will introduce Arabella, how to find her and make her stay or leave in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Introduction To Arabella

Arabella is a fictional character in the video game “Baldur’s Gate 3,” developed by Larian Studios.

She appears during Act 1 of the game and plays a role in a quest line set in the Druid Grove area.

Correspondingly, she is a young girl with magical abilities and is initially held captive by the druids in the Emerald Grove.

Arabella is a young girl who possesses magical abilities.
Arabella is a young girl who possesses magical abilities.

Moreover, she appears during Act 1 and Act 2 of the game.

Further, Arabella’s story revolves around a questline involving her captivity and her parents, Komira and Locke.

How To Find Arabella In BG3?

To find Arabella in Baldur’s Gate 3, you can follow these steps:

Act 1: First Chapter Of The Game

  1. Begin your journey in the Druid Grove area within the game.
  2. Look for the Emerald Grove section within the Druid Grove.
carved stone door
Enter the ornate, carved stone door to head inside the Emerald Grove.
  1. In the Emerald Grove, you will come across Arabella, who is being held captive by Kagha and her snake, Teela.
  2. Engage in conversation with Arabella and explore dialogue options to learn about her situation.

Act 2: Second Chapter Of The Game

  1. Advance to Act 2 of the game.
  2. Head to the Cursed Lands area, specifically the entrance to the cemetery located west of the Mason’s Guild.
  3. You will find Arabella here, separated from her parents and looking for them.
  4. Interact with her to initiate a conversation and trigger the “Find Arabella’s Parents” quest.

How To Save Arabella In BG3?

To save Arabella, you can follow this walkthrough:

1. Acquire the Quest

Approach the entrance to the Sacred Pool area, and you’ll witness a scene.

Afterward, you’ll find a tiefling couple, Marricko and Locke, standing on the stairs.

Furthermore, talk to them to learn about their daughter, Arabella.

You’ll discover that the druids hold her captive for attempting to steal the sacred idol.

This initiates the “Save Arabella” quest.

2. Locate Arabella

Head west along the wall of the Sacred Pool until you reach the Stone Door. You must enter the Emerald Grove.

Down the stairs, you’ll witness Arabella in a confrontation with Kagha and her snake, Teela, with a druid named Rath observing.

3. Initiate Conversation

Approach the situation to start a conversation.

Furthermore, after some dialogue, you can intervene using either natural skill or Persuasion.

4. Save Arabella 

If you succeed in the skill check or have a character with a high Nature skill, the intervention will convince Kagha to let Arabella go. This saves her from harm.

bg3 arabella stay or leave
You must save Arabella from the snake bite.

5. Outcome Options

Return to Arabella’s parents to receive the Cherished Locket as a reward.

This amulet allows the wearer to cast Dancing Lights as a cantrip. The “Save Arabella” quest will be completed.

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How To Make Arabella Stay Or Leave In BG3?

To influence whether Arabella stays or leaves in Baldur’s Gate 3, you have various options that hinge on your decisions. 

Here’s a breakdown of those options:

1. Allowing Arabella to Flee

If you stay silent or subtly signal Arabella to escape from Kagha, she’ll try to run.

In such a case, Kagha’s snake will attack Arabella, resulting in her death.

2. Persuading Kagha

Engage Kagha in conversation and try to persuade her against punishing Arabella.

Using a high Nature check (19) or Persuasion check (16) might sway Kagha’s decision.

If successful, you’ll receive an uncommon amulet and Arabella’s life will be spared.

3. Investigating Kagha

Thoroughly investigate Kagha’s actions and confront her later at the enclave.

You’ll find Kagha’s Chest within the enclave.

Correspondingly, this could influence Kagha’s stance regarding Arabella.

4. Choosing Arabella’s Destination

Decide whether Arabella should go to the Last Light Inn or your camp.

Moreover, sending her to your camp results in interactions with Withers.

Opting for the Last Light Inn lets Arabella stay with the tiefling bardess, Alfira. 

The Bottom Line

Your choices in Acts 1 and 2 shape Arabella’s fate, whether she stays or leaves.

This interactive aspect of the game shows that each choice forms a distinct thread in the narrative tapestry.

Arabella becomes a conduit through which players experience the game’s depth.

As players engage with Arabella’s quests, they experience the game’s immersive storytelling firsthand.

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