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Grotesque Splinters In Warframe: New Event Currency

Warframe is a popular online game that features a sci-fi world full of action and adventure.

In Warframe, you play as a Tenno, a powerful warrior who can wield various weapons and abilities to fight against enemies.

One of the latest events in Warframe is Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry, where players can get Grotesque Splinters, which is the event currency. To get it, players need to defeat one of the Fragmented Trio either on normal difficulty or on Steel Path.
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What Are Grotesque Splinters In Warframe?

Grotesque Splinters are a new type of currency that you can earn by participating in the Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry event.

They are fragments of the Murmur that you can collect by defeating its heralds, the Fragmented Trio.

Get Grotesque Splinters
Get Grotesque Splinters after defeating the Fragmented Trio.

The Fragmented Trio are three powerful enemies that can manifest in different forms:

  1. Fragmented Suzerain
  2. Fragmented Zelator
  3. Fragmented Anchorite

Each of them has a unique appearance and abilities, and they can drop one of three curses:

  1. The Curse of the Suzerain
  2. The Curse of the Zelator
  3. The Curse of the Anchorite

These curses are a way to track your progress in the event and also a resource that you can use to activate the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle.

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How To Get Grotesque Splinters In Warframe?

To get Grotesque Splinters, you need to complete the Effervo mission on Deimos, where you will face one of the Fragmented Trios.

Effervo mission
Complete the Effervo mission to get Grotesque Splinters.

The mission is available for players who have finished the Whispers in the Wall quest, which introduces the Murmur.

The mission is similar to an assassination mission, where you have to find and kill the target, but with some twists.

First, you will encounter Void Angels, creatures that can consume the curse dropped by the target, leaving you with nothing.

You have to kill them before they do that, or else you will have to repeat the mission.

Second, you will receive one of the three curses, depending on which Fragmented Trio member you face.

The curse will affect your gameplay in different ways, such as reducing your shields, increasing your damage, or slowing you down.

You can only have one curse at a time, and you can remove it by feeding it to the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle in your dojo.

Similarly, the amount of Grotesque Splinters you get depends on the difficulty of the mission.

You can get 1-3 Splinters on normal difficulty mode, and 3-5 Splinters on steel path mode.

How To Complete Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry In Warframe?

To complete Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry in Warframe, you need to construct and activate the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle in your dojo.

Vigile Jahu Gargoyle
Construct and activate the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle in your dojo.

Furthermore, the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle is a decoration that you can get from Fibonacci.

To build the gargoyle, you need to contribute resources that you can gather from Albrecht’s Laboratories.

Likewise, it is a new location that you can access from the Whispers in the Wall quest.

Once you have the gargoyle, you need to feed it with the curses that you get from the Effervo mission.

Feed the curse
Feed the curse to the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle.

By feeding the gargoyle, you will join the Murmur Telemetry Chorus, a defense system that prevents the Murmur from spreading.

You will also be able to purchase rewards from the gargoyle, such as new sigils, a color palette, and items from previous events.

Additionally, you will contribute to the community goal, which is to unlock the new Krios Signa.

Moreover, it is a weapon that can be obtained from the gargoyle if the goal is met.

However, the event lasts until January 15, 2024, and you can earn trophies for your clan before each weekly reset.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Operation: Gargoyle’s Cry is a limited-time event that offers a new challenge and a story for Warframe players.

By participating in the event, you can earn Grotesque Splinters, a new currency that you can use to buy rewards.

However, the event is for players who have finished the Whispers in the Wall quest, and it is available until January 15, 2024.

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