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How To Upgrade Your Razorleaf Ship In Starfield?

The Razorleaf is a legendary ship available to players at the beginning and players can even upgrade them.

In Starfield, players assume the role of a colonist and explore in their ship to explore the mysteries of space.

You can upgrade your Razorleaf ship in Starfield by visiting trade Kiosk near specialized shipyards and enhancing components such as the reactor, engines, shields, and weapons, allowing it to evolve and remain competitive throughout the game’s various stages.

In this article, we will discuss the Razorleaf ship in Starfield and its upgrade.

What Is The Razorleaf Ship In Starfield?

The Razorleaf is one of the starter ships available to players after completing the Mantis side quest.

It is a small freighter-class ship suitable for cargo hauling and basic combat.

The Razorleaf has room for two crew members and has a cargo hold capacity of 10 tons.

razorleaf upgrade
It is a small freighter-class ship suitable for cargo hauling and basic combat.

It comes equipped with basic laser cannons for self-defense but is not very durable or powerful.

When fully fueled, the Razorleaf has a top speed of 150 km/h and a range of 500 light years.

After completing the opening tutorial mission, players can obtain the Razorleaf ship for free.

At the start of the game, players can customize and upgrade components like engines, shields, and weapons at various shipyards to improve the Razorleaf’s performance.

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Can You Upgrade Razorleaf Ship In Starfield?

Players can upgrade various Razorleaf ship components at trade Kiosk specialized shipyards across the star systems.

Some of the key components that can be upgraded include the reactor, engines, shields, and weapons.

The reactor provides power to the ship and better reactor modules allow for more energy to power other systems.

At level 4 in starship design skill, players can upgrade to the Tokamak X-120S reactor, providing more power and thermal efficiency.

Engine upgrades like the Lynx sublight engines increase the top speed and maneuverability.

Shield upgrades like the Type-7 Deflector improve defense against attacks.

reactor razorleaf upgrade
List of all reactors in Starfield.

Weapon upgrades add more powerful laser cannons or missile pods.

Higher tier upgrades are unlocked by increasing reputation with different factions and advancing to higher player levels.

These upgrades improve the Razorleaf’s performance and ability to survive in more dangerous regions of space.

Ways To Upgrade The Razorleaf In Starfield?

To upgrade components of the Razorleaf ship, players need to visit specialized shipyards that offer ship customization services.

Players must first ensure they have enough credits to pay for the new components.

They must then interact with the ship customization terminal and select the “Upgrade Component” option.

This brings up a list of component slots like Reactor, Engines etc. that can be upgraded.

Players then choose the desired component upgrade and confirm the purchase.

The new module is then automatically installed on the Razorleaf.

Component upgrades can only be one tier higher than the current module.

Higher tier upgrades may require meeting other prerequisites like having a minimum starship design or faction rank.

With credits and required skills/ranks, players can continuously upgrade the Razorleaf to improve its performance throughout their journey in Starfield.

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Factors To Consider When Upgrading The Razorleaf

Players should consider several important factors when planning upgrades for their Razorleaf ship in the Starfield game.

One is balancing different component upgrades according to the intended use of the ship.

For example, prioritizing weapons and shields over cargo capacity if focusing on combat.

For cargo hauling, upgrading cargo hold and engines before weapons.

It is also important to check that component upgrades are within the hull restrictions of the Razorleaf to avoid instability issues.

Players must carefully budget their credits for upgrades and save for more expensive high-tier modules.

They should upgrade components one level at a time to evaluate performance gains before investing in the next upgrade.

It is also recommended to fully upgrade lower-tier components before moving to higher tiers.

Players must pay attention to prerequisites for upgrades like skill levels, and faction ranks to know when higher modules will become available.

Proper planning and balancing of upgrades can maximize the Razorleaf’s potential at each game stage.

Multi-Stage Upgrade Path For The Razorleaf

The multi-stage upgrade path continuously improves the Razorleaf through the early and mid-game.

Upgrade the basic Class C reactor to a Class B Z-Machine 2000 for more power.

Then upgrade the stock lasers to Class B pulse lasers for better damage.

Players can upgrade the engines to Lynx sublight engines for increased speed.

Upgrade the cargo hold expansion to boost capacity.

As skills and credits allow, upgrade the reactor again to a Class A Tokamak and upgrade shields to Class A deflector shields.

As faction ranks increase, upgrade pulse lasers to advanced plasma cannons. Upgrade engines further to Lynx Mark II.

For the late mid-game, upgrade shields to heavy Class A shields, upgrade reactor to advanced Tokamak, and upgrade engines to Lynx Mark III.

This staged approach maximizes the Razorleaf at each level while balancing combat ability, cargo and defenses.

Regular but strategic upgrades in this manner can keep the Razorleaf a viable craft through the entire gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Through strategic upgrading of key components like the reactor, engines, and weapons systems, players can boost the Razorleaf’s capabilities.

Upgrades allow the Razorleaf to survive increasingly dangerous environments and combat encounters.

While the Razorleaf may not be the most powerful ship in the late game, regular upgrades ensure it remains a viable craft through the entire playthrough.

Happy Gaming!

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