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Best Loot After Defeating Cazador In BG3

Baldur Gate 3 is a party-based RPG with multiple dungeons, enemies, and loots.

Cazador is one of the most powerful bosses that players encounter during Act 3.

After defeating the Cazador in Baldur Gate 3, you’ll receive loot like Woe by interrupting the Carador ritual, and Rhapsody looted from the Cazador remains.

Continue reading to learn more about Cazador, how to fight him, and the loot you will receive after fighting him in BG3.

Who Is Cazador In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Cazador is the former vampire master of the Astarion that you can find in the northern part of the Lower City.

Moreover, Cazador is set to perform a ritual, sacrificing 7000 vampire spawns that will make him ascend to the level no vampire has reached.

Bg3 Cazador Loot
Cazador is the challenging and powerful final boss players encounter in Act 3 of BG3.

Players might hear Astarion’s past goals of defeating the Cazador before the ritual and taking Cazador’s place as a dark ceremony.

Players can help their companions with their goals. However, other quests also lead toward the boss fight anyway.

Furthermore, players must initiate a quest called “Investigate Cazador’s Palace” to reach the Cazador.

This quest requires players to perform various activities, such as Finding Cazador’s Palace, protecting Astarion from the thrall attack, Defeating werewolves, and solving the sinister door puzzle.

After performing this activity, players will reach the main ritual chamber, where they encounter the Cazador.

Cazador is an adamant opponent, having Werewolves and bats at his side during the fight in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Note: If Cazador discovers Astarion, he will capture and trap your companion making you incapable of using him throughout the fight.

How To Defeat Cazador?

Defeating Cazador can be difficult because he continuously feeds on the trapped vampire spawn around the arena.

This enables him to deal more necrotic damage and has greater Hit Points. 

However, defeating it is not impossible; with proper planning and ability usage, players can defeat the boss. 

Here are some steps on how to defeat Cazador in Baldur’s Gate 3;

  1. After solving the sinister door puzzle and defeating some werewolves, the player must navigate to the room where Cazador is.
  2. Before reaching there, navigate to the lowest level. You’ll find a treasure chest, break it, and get a weapon (Pelorsun Blade), a sword designed to fight the undead.
  3. Use Magical Weapons: Attack with magical weapons due to Cazador’s resistance and ability to damage werewolves.
  4. Save Astarion: Free Astarion immediately to avoid fighting Carador with only three party members.
  5. Use Sunlight: Use spells like Daylight which cause loss regeneration, gain attack disadvantage, and suffer 20 Radiant damage per turn.
  6. Cast AOE attacks: Cast AOE attacks mean using Fireball, Chain Lightning, Sunbeam or another area-of-effect spell that can deal a devastating blow to every Ghast and Werewolf on the field.
  7. Trun Undead: Neutralize Ghasts and potentially Cazador by using Trun Undead.
  8. Knockout: The last but most fun way is to use Knockback abilities such as Telekinesis and Repelling Blast to throw Carazor off the edge and immediately end the boss fight.

The quest will not end after defeating the boss, and players must choose whether to help Astarino kill Cazador.

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BG3 Loots After Deafing Cazador

After completing the quest and defeating the Cazador boss, you will get rewards with valuable loot.

Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Rhapsody: This item deals 7-14 piercing damage, +1 bonus to attack rolls, damage, and spell save DC for every creature you kill.
Rhapsody blade
One of the rewards players can obtain after defeating the Cazador boss.
  1. Woe: This item is added to your inventory after finishing the quest when you interrupt Astarion in the middle of the ritual.
Woe item after the quest
Players will obtain this item after the quest if they interrupt the ritual.
  1. Skull Of His Master (Skull Of  Velioth): Players can Loot Skull of  Velioth from the Cazador dungeon in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  2. Pelorsun Blade: It is an enchanted dagger that deals additional radian damage and is found on the lowest level of the dungeon.
  3. Szarr Family Ring: Players can find this item on the palace’s first floor, a human nobleman on Godey. Mainly used to open the sinister door.

The Bottom Line

In BG3, defeating the Cazador boss is challenging for some players.

Defeating the boss requires a series of strategic plans and proper utilization of abilities.

Players will find  Loot like gold to valuable items in Cazador Dungeon after defeating the Cazador boss in BG3.

Therefore, keep exploring the dungeon safely and loot as many areas as possible to get fabulous rewards.

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