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Last Epoch 1.0 Lightning: Runemaster Build Guide

Last Epoch 1.0 has brought about exciting changes to the lightning, offering players new opportunities to harness its power.

Furthermore, Lightning is one of the elemental affinities in the game that offers thrilling gameplay and powerful abilities.

Moreover, the new updates bring fresh dynamics to gameplay, making Lightning builds more viable and exciting.

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What Is Lightning In Last Epoch?

In Last Epoch, lightning is a powerful elemental force that players can wield to devastating effect.

It is one of the primary damage types in the game, alongside fire, cold, and void.

Lightning-based skills and abilities deliver electrically charged attacks that can zap enemies with bolts of energy.

Lightning-based skills deliver electrically charged attacks in the surroundings.

Lightning skills in Last Epoch include Lightning Blast, Chain Lightning, Storm Totem, and more.

These skills can be utilized by various classes, each offering unique synergies and playstyles.

Whether you prefer lightning from afar or engage enemies up close, there’s a lightning build to suit every playstyle.

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What Are The Changes To Lightning In Last Epoch 1.0?

Last Epoch 1.0 has introduced several significant changes to lightning, enhancing its effectiveness and versatility.

One notable change is the rebalancing of lightning skills and their respective skill trees.

Developers have adjusted skill mechanics, damage values, and node effects to ensure a more balanced and engaging gameplay experience.

Additionally, Last Epoch 1.0 has introduced new items, affixes, and modifiers that further empower lightning-based builds.

Last Epoch 1.0
Last Epoch version 1.0 developer Patch Notes.

Players can now customize their gear to amplify lightning damage, increase cast speed, and enhance critical strike chance.

These changes provide players with more options for fine-tuning their builds to suit their preferred playstyle.

Moreover, Last Epoch 1.0 has revamped the endgame content, introducing new challenges for lightning-focused builds.

Players can now tackle powerful bosses, conquer challenging dungeons, and explore dynamic environments.

Best Build For Lightning In Last Epoch

Choosing the best build for Lightning in Last Epoch depends on your preferred playstyle and class choice.

However, one popular and effective lightning build is the Lightning Blast Runemaster build.

The Lightning Blast Runemaster build focuses on maximizing the damage output of Lightning Blast.

Lightning Blast
Lightning Blast skill tree build in Last Epoch.

Moreover, it is a potent lightning skill that chains multiple times on the same target.

By investing in specific nodes and modifiers within the Lightning Blast skill tree, players can unleash devastating barrages of lightning.

Some of the key components of the Lightning Blast Runemaster build include:

  1. Prioritizing cast speed and critical strike chance to increase the frequency and potency of lightning blasts.
  2. Utilizing synergistic skills and abilities, such as Frost Wall and Static Touch, to augment lightning damage and ward generation.
    Frost Wall
    Frost Wall ability skill tree in Last Epoch.
  3. Optimizing gear and itemization to enhance lightning damage, critical strike chance, and survivability.

Although other lightning builds exist, such as Chain Lightning Spellblade the Lightning Blast Runemaster is superior.

Moreover, it is a versatile and formidable option for players seeking to harness the power of lightning in Last Epoch 1.0.

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