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COD MW3 Campaign: Can You Use New Zealand Trick?

Players are eager to get their hands on the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 after playing the beta version.

The game is scheduled to launch on the 10th of November, 2023.

However, if you don’t want to wait till the release and access the game early, you must have heard about the New Zealand trick.

The New Zealand trick has worked for other COD series in the past. However, for the MW3 campaign, the New Zealand trick doesn’t work because the game releases on all platforms at the same time.

Continue to read more about whether you can use the New Zealand trick for the MW3 campaign.

What Is New Zealand Trick?

The New Zealand trick allows players to access the game before its release.

This is done by switching your region to New Zealand in your console.

As the time zone of New Zealand is quite ahead in comparison to other countries in North America or Europe.

Players have been using this trick for various games on different platforms.

Moreover, the trick is the fastest technique players use to play the game before it releases in their time zone.

However, this trick doesn’t always work for all kinds of games because the release date is kept the same for every region.

Can You Use New Zealand Trick For The MW3 Campaign?

New Zealand’s trick for COD works the same way as any other game.

Further, this trick has worked for all other series of COD in the past.

The PC version of the Modern Warfare 3 is set to have a simultaneous worldwide launch.

This means everyone in different regions will have access to the game at the same time.

Players in New York can access the PC version of the game at 12 AM ET on November 10th.

While console players, be it Xbox or Playstation, will have a rolling release.

So, the game releases at 3 AM PT to 10 AM PT on 9 November in your respective time zone.

Due to the rolling release in the console, players in New Zealand will have early access to the game.

New Zealand trick for MW3 campaign.
Launch Date for Modern Warfare 3 across multiple regions. 

However, the Xbox/Activision has blocked this trick now. So, players cannot have early access to MW3 using New Zealand Trick.

Additionally, players may experience connectivity issues or be locked out of the game until the official release in their region.

How Can You Get Early Access To The MW3 Campaign?

Since the New Zealand trick does not work for this campaign, you can try other tips for early access.

According to the Microsoft store, the MW3 early access releases at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET on November 2nd, 2023.

For PC players, the game provides a Standard Package for pre-order.

Players can access and play Call of Duty MW3 early if they buy the cross-gen edition for the console.

Buying the cross-gen bundle for MW3 early access
Buying the cross-gen bundle for MW3 early access.

Furthermore, purchasing the Vault edition is another option to get the game early.

This edition also includes additional rewards and bonuses, such as two weapon vaults, Nemesis Operator pack and more.

The Bottom Line

Overall, you cannot use the New Zealand trick to access the MW3 campaign earlier than its release.

This is disappointing news for all the players who were eagerly waiting to access the game early.

However, console users can pre-order cross-gen editions, and PC users can pre-order the standard package.

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