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Is The Chest Of Mundane Bugged In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is no secret to mysterious, interesting, secret and valuable items.

Some mysterious items that appear valuable could also turn out to be invaluable.

However, Chest of Mundane can be valuable for players if used correctly.

Chest of Mundane is a valuable item that transforms your inventory items. Players have discussed the bug surrounding the Chest of Mundane which keeps it from transforming the items.

We will discuss the details of the Chest of Mundane and the news surrounding the bug.

What Is The Chest Of Mundane?

As the name suggests, the Chest of Mundane is a casket for storing valuable items in BG3.

Its ability to transform any equipment into items like ladles, forks and spoons makes it unique.

Chest Of Mundane Baldurs Gate 3
Chest Of Mundane is a valuable item that helps to decrease the weight of other inventory items.

Another benefit the chest provides is its ability to decrease the weight of the equipment.

So, you could keep more items than anticipated with the Chest of Mundane.

Additionally, pulling out the items from the chest returns them to their original state.

Where To Find The Chest Of Mundane?

The Chest of Mundane is found in the Underdark region of the game.

In the Underdark region, you have to locate the Arcane Tower.

Here is a step-by-step guide to finding the Chest of the Mundane:

  1. Getting to the Arcane Tower can be quite tricky, so be careful while reaching the tower.
  2. The tower lies on the west of the Selunite Outpost of the Underdark region.
  3. After reaching the Arcane Tower, sneak past two or more turrets.
  4. Then, after the path of the turrets is finished, go to the door at the right.
  5. Exit from the door and reach the balcony.
  6. The balcony has the Chest of the Mundane.

How To Use The Chest Of Mundane In BG3?

The Chest of Mundane, by now, has already been proven valuable and is fairly easy to use too.

To use the Chest of Mundane, you must pick it up and click it in your inventory when needed.

If you want to store any items in the Chest of Mundane, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Chest of Mundane on your inventory.
  2. Press Open to open the chest.
  3. Drag any items from your inventory to the chest.

All those items will be transformed into a spoon, ladle, glass, or bowl.

Moreover, this transformation will help drastically decrease the items’ weight.

What To Do With The Chest Of Mundane?

When first gained by a player, the Chest of Mundane might seem quite uninteresting.

This may be due to the fact that the items already in the chest during the first visit are a spoon, cup, glass, fork or any other invaluable items.

However, you should try to add these items to the inventory to see what the items actually are.

It not only has the power to transform valuable items into disregarded forms but also the ability to transform items into fascinating pieces.

Additionally, the items present in the chest can transform into Mystra’s Grace Boots.

Mystra’s Grace Boots are a great item that provides an advantage on attacks and increases saving throws.

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Has The Chest Of Mundane Been Bugged In BG3?

Chest of Mundane has been a matter of discussion lately due to its recent bug.

Players have explained their discontent on platforms like Reddit, Steam, etc.

The leading bug players are concerned about is the Chest of Mundane crashing and all the valuable items present in the chest being lost.

Many players are disheartened due to this bug due to its ability to lose most of the progress from the player’s quest items.

Chest of Mundane Reddit About Bugged
Reddit user discusses the bug regarding the Chest of Mundane.

Another bug the players have experienced through the Chest of Mundane is that when brought back to the inventory, the items of the chest do not transform.

This means a spoon in the Chest of Mundane remains the same one in the inventory when it previously would have been a valuable chest item.

Moreover, players cannot use the “Take all” button without the game crashing.

Even though the official team has not commented on this bug yet.

This bug is likely to be fixed through different patches as they have done for other bugs too.

Using the Chest of Mundane at this time can be risky as valuable items can be lost.

So until the patch is published, it is advised for the players not to use the Chest of Mundane.

Baldur’s Gate 3 team will most likely work on these bugs to provide users with the ultimate gaming experience.

The Bottom Line

Chest of Mundane is a valuable item found near the Arcane Tower in the Underdark region.

The Chest of Mundane and its ability to transform valuable items into spoons and forks to decrease their weight makes it fascinating.

However, the recent bug has affected the Chest of Mundane’s ability to transform items.

So, be careful while using the Chest of Mundane and take to community forums to get the latest news on the bug.

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