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Dammon Is Dead In BG3: Is Saving Possible?

Many players are complaining that one of the important NPCs in the game, Dammon, is dead in BG3.

The main reason behind the event could be the game’s new update: Patch 3.

Dammon is dead due to the Strange Ox’s attack at the Last Light Inn due to an in-game issue in BG3. The problem will be solved after players get Patch 3; till then, using a misty step and ranged attack may save him.

Continue reading to learn why Dammon is dead, and techniques players can use to avoid the circumstances.

Who Is Dammon In BG3?

Dammon, the infernal mechanic, is an Asmodeus tiefling who plays a role in essential missions and impacts future events.

The infernal mechanics help build weapons and engines and act as a merchant to sell various items.

Players can get items including Crossbows, Arrow of Limater, Greataxe, Handaxe, Spear, Rapier, Quarterself and Hemlets.

The Asmoleous is found in three different locations depending upon the act.

From Act 1 to Act 3, he is found in Druid’s Grove, Last Light Inn and Lower City.

Dammon bg3
Dammon at the lower city in Act 3.

Dammon can also occur in the mission: the Hellion heart if players have Karlach as a companion.

Players must find Dammon in the Last Light Inn and help Karach place the engine heart in her body.

The dammon will be inside an open hall in the forge in Light Inn by passing through the Reithwin Tollhouse and Ruined Battlefield.

Why Is Dammon Dead In Baldur’s Gate 3?

According to a few players, Dammon, the mechanic, is found dead in the Last Light Inn.

After the return of Dammon in Act 2 from Druid’s Grove, players face the issue.

If Dammon dies in any player’s event, he may not appear in further acts of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Also, it makes the Krlach storyline impossible, and players may be unable to purchase unique items from him.

The gaming communities are complaining about a strange Ox with a jelly form attacking Damon and killing him.

bg3 dammon dead
Steam conversation about the Dammons’s death.

Also, saving him in that event was quite impossible as the event occurred in no time.

Save Dammon From Being Dead

The Dammon’s death from the Strange Ox reportedly occurred due to a minor bug in Baldur’s Gate 3.

If players have got the latest patch, the issue is solved. However, another series of sequences occurs.

Now, the Dammon will be seen at the Last Light Inn when the Ox is dead at the Emerald grove.

However, the Dammon will die from Ox if players don’t defeat Ox in Act 1.

But if players are willing to save Demon from the Strange Ox in Act 3, follow the procedure;

1. Head to The Last Light Inn

The dammon will be inside an open hall in the forge in Light Inn by passing through the Reithwin Tollhouse and Ruined Battlefield.

After reaching there, the player will see Dammon and the Starnge Ox commencing a battle.

Ensure to get characters with a misty step and ranged weapon to deploy instant hits upon arrival.

bg3 dammon dead
Deploy a ranged attack.

2. Beat The Strange Ox

Players should then head to the open hall and turn Dammon invisible using the second character after using the misty step.

Ensure to use the deploy critical hits, try to attack passively and use the best abilities of the class.

After players attack the Ox continuously, his health will drain, and he will no longer be able to attack and finish him off quickly.

Strange ox
Beat the Strange Ox.

After saving Dammon, he will be thankful to the players and offer a repair for the weapon.

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The Bottom Line

The BG3 Dammon dead is an event in the Last Light Inn due to Strange Ox’s attack.

According to Baldur’s official statement, it occurred due to an issue in the game. 

The issue will be solved after players download the game’s latest patch. 

But still, players are facing the issue: use a ranged attack, choose a character with a misty step, teleport to Last Light Inn and defeat the Ox.

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