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How To Find Mol In Moonrise Baldur’s Gate 3?

Players can find Mol in the Guildhall of Moonrise in Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, before finding her, players must go through a few steps.

Mol is an NPC that players meet in Act 1. Later on, players will meet her again in Act 3. However, players must find her in the Guildhall of the Moonrise this time.

This article discusses everything about the Mol, her location and ways to get to her in Moonrise in BG3.

Who Is Mol In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Mol is one of the NPCs that players will meet in Act 1 where she is tied to the “Investigate The Beach” quest.

Furthermore, it does not end there, and after your first interaction with Mol, another quest will begin.

The quest is the “Steal The Sacred Idol” quest in Act 1, thus, Mol is quite tightly tied to a few quests from early on.

Mol tiefling Bg3
Mol is a tiefling player that players meet in Act 1.

After the interaction with Mol in Act 1, your next interaction will be during Act 3, where you will meet her in Guildhall.

Thus, from your first interaction to your probably last interaction with Mol, she ties herself to various quests that you embark on.

But those ties are very subtle, thus, Mol will not constantly pester the players during their quests.

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How To Find Mol In Moonrise In BG3?

After your first interaction with Mol in Act 1, you will not interact with her until Act 3.

The first information you will get about her is that she is a prisoner in the Moonrise Tower.

Likewise, this incident ties into the Last Light Inn incident.

Then, as you progress through the story and head to the Moonrise Tower, you will get subtle hints of her whereabouts.

But, you will not find her in the tower at all. You must go through the story a bit more to meet Mol once more.

However, it will not take long for you to meet Mol; you will meet her in Act 3 itself.

After you complete the Moonrise Towers quest, you must head to the Guildhall of the Moonrise Towers.

The location is in the Lower City of the Moonrise Towers, thus, you must travel quite a bit to meet her.

After you reach the Guildhall, head to these coordinates: X:-12, Y:753 and you will meet Mol selling various goods.

However, she will not tell you how to get out of the Moonrise Tower.

Yet you can find a clue where her contract is located in Raphel’s House of Hope.

mol in guildhall of moonrise bg3
Mol is in the Guildhall of Moonrise Tower.

The Bottom Line

Finding Mol in the Moonrise Tower can be a hassle since players cannot find her there.

However, players will still reunite with the sassy tiefling after the completion of the Moonrise Tower quest.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about how to find Mol in Moonrise.

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