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Explore The Brocwithe Quarter In Remnant 2

In the world of Remnant 2, where you have to fight against the infected, a monster that can destroy the world.

This game features many intriguing areas, including Brocwithe Quarter.

To Explore Brocwithe Quarter in Remnant 2, you must access the area by using the Magic on the wall to open the shortcut area in Beatific Palace. 

Continue reading to discover more about the Brocwithe Quarter in Remnant 2.

What Is Brocwithe Quarter In Remnant 2?

Brocwithe Quarter is the place overrun by the Infected, a horde of mutated creatures driven by a single-minded desire to kill.

You will find the checkpoint as soon as you enter the area.

As you move forward, you will find a path divided into different branches where you can find another checkpoint.

Additionally, close to that checkpoint, you can find a ladder to take you to an old lady on the knitting machine caring for many children.

What Are The Quests In Brocwithe Quarter?

When you enter the Brocwithe Quarter area, you automatically activate the Oracle of the Dran quest.

Oracle of Dran is the same old lady at the knitting machine.

This NPC can be found in other locations, including Morrow Parish and Forsaken Quarter.

Additionally, it can interact with players in different ways depending on the choices made by the players.

However, the NPC stays quiet in the Brocwithe Quarter until the quest is complete.

The quest requires to find the two lost children and bring them to the hideout.

Most players cannot find the children and are stuck in this part of the mini-quest.

But don’t worry; we will provide you with the location of both children. Follow the steps below;

  1. You’ll find the first one sitting behind the house; you just have to go near him, and he will follow you to the hideouts.
First Child
You can find him near the makeshift rooftop, mumbling a song.
  1. For another one, you have to explore the city; he might be mumbling a song in the middle of the city.
Explore The Brocwithe Quarter In Remnant 2
You can find him in the middle of the city over the pile of rocks.

A blue mark will appear on the minimap called Darn Child as you get near the child.

After you complete the quest, the old lady interacts with you and rewards you with Recovery, a new trial.

Furthermore, players can find the Tome of Knowledge near where they found the first kid.

Items, Merchants, And Enemies In Brocwithe Quarter

This area is not very big in comparison to others. However, you can get some unique items such as ;

  1. Cracked Ammo Pickups: They are the Relic Fragment that significantly increases the chances of finding more ammunition.
  2. Cracked Skill Cooldown: They reduce your skills’ cooldown time, allowing you to use your ability quickly.
  3. Fae Hunter Ring: Fae Hunter Ring enhances the Range of the firearm by 30%. Furthermore, you can find this item from the deceased Dran.
  4. Indignant Fetish: Indignant Fetish is the amulet that increases the damage by 25% after taking the damage.

The Infected mostly overrule this area, and there are countless of them. Here are some Enemies that you’ll face in this are;

  • Chainsaw Elite Dran
  • Dran Commonfolk
  • Dran Ranged Commonfolk
  • Manticora

However, there are not any Bosses and merchants in Brocwithe Quarter.

Therefore, this area is not for you if you want to trade any item or fight any boss.

The Bottom Line

Brocwithe Quarter will suit you if you want to fight only minions and earn rewards through them.

Moreover, this area will be best if you love killing the monster.

However, if you want to go for the adventure and earn a great reward.

I recommend you go to another biome and grind there because it would be fast and efficient.

Continue reading to discover how to trade amulets and the lament boat in Remnant 2.
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