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The Best Bestial Heart BG3: Unleash The Beast Within

Barbarians are fierce warriors who can enter a state called Rage, which makes them tougher and stronger.

Moreover, they are experienced in all martial weapons and light armor and can also use their bare hands to great effect.

They have a number of abilities that make them especially deadly in combat, such as rage, reckless attack, and brutal critical.

In BG3, the Bear Bestial Heart is the best bestial heart as it grants resistance to all damage, has the ability to heal during a rage is versatile, durable, and synergizes well with all other barbarian abilities.

Continue reading to learn about the best bestial heart in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Bestial Heart In BG3?

Wildheart Barbarians are warrior characters who have a strong connection with animals and can tap into different animal powers.

They also have the ability to talk to animals outside of battles, which can be helpful in the game.

When you choose to be a Wildheart Barbarian, you can pick a specific animal heart that gives you a special ability during your rage.

Some of the benefits of the untamed heart are:

  • It provides a variety of benefits such as dark vision, increased movement speed, and resistance to certain types of damage.
  • Moreover, it allows the Barbarian to change their animal-inspired rage each time they level up.
  • The speak-with-animals ability allows us to communicate with animals and learn valuable information.
the speak with animals ability
The speak-with-animals ability allows us to communicate with animals.

There are five major Wildheart Bestial Hearts that players can pick from and they are:

Besital HeartsEffectsSpecial Effects
Bear HeartResistance to all damage except psychic.Heal yourself for 1d8+Constitution Modifier once per Rage.
Eagle HeartDisadvantage on Opportunity Attacks against you, and you can use Dash as a bonus action.Driving Strike; leap down upto a foe, knocking them where you must be above your target.
Elk HeartMovement speed increases by 4.5m.Primal Stampede; deals 1d4+2 Bludgeoning damage and knocks target.
Tiger HeartJump distance increases by 4.5m.Tiger's Bloodlust; lash out to attack up to three enemies at once and make them bleed.
Wolf HeartAllies have an advantage on melee attack rolls against enemies within 2m of you.Inciting Howl; each ally within earshot can move an additional 3m during their next turn.
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What Is The Best Bestial Heart In BG3?

Ultimately, the best Bestial Heart depends on your preference and how you want to play your Wildheart Barbarian.

You can experiment with different animal hearts and see which one suits you best.

As per the players’ review, the best Bestial Heart is the Bear Heart in BG3.

Here are some reasons:

1. Resistance To Almost All Damage

The bear heart is an incredibly powerful effect, as this makes the Barbarian very tanky and hard to defeat.

It gives you resistance to all damage types except psychic while you’re raging.

2. Healing Ability

This gives you the Unrelenting Ferocity ability, which can be a lifesaver, especially in difficult encounters.

During your rage, the Barbarian can heal themselves for 1d8+Constitution Modifier hit points.

3. Durability And Reliability

It can make you extremely durable in battles; you can take a lot of hits and still keep fighting.

However, you don’t have to rely on specific conditions or positioning as they are straightforward and reliable.

4. Versatility

The Bear Bestial Heart is great for various situations, whether you’re facing physical attacks, elemental damage, or magical spells.

This will help you stay alive while fighting a powerful or large group of enemies.

5. Synergizes Well With Other Barbarian Abilities

It is very easy to use as all you need to do is rage, and you will automatically gain its benefits.

Moreover, it synergizes well with other Barbarian abilities, such as Reckless Attack and Brutal Critical.

the bear bestial heart
In BG3, the Bear Bestial Heart is the best bestial heart.

The Bottom Line

The Wildheart Barbarian subclass is a better choice as it is more versatile and provides some utility outside of combat.

The Bestial Hearts offers different abilities and playstyles, allowing players to choose the one that best suits them.

However, among all 5 hearts, the Bear Bestial Heart is considered the best Bestial Heart as it is powerful and versatile.

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