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Give Raphael The Crown: Trust Raphael Or Not In BG3?

In BG3, Raphael is a supernatural being whose ultimate goal is to rule the Nine Hells.

He’s a skilled negotiator who is always looking for ways to make deals that benefit him.

However, he is a tricky character so your decision about whether to trust him is a big part of the game’s story.

In BG3, giving Raphael the crown, who is a cunning devil can lead to consequences, such as ruling the nine hells and selling your soul to him, which leads to being unable to complete the main quests.

Continue reading to learn more about Raphael and whether to trust him or not to give him the crown in BG3.

Who Is Raphael In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Raphael is a powerful devil who is a half-human, half-devil creature with a charming and manipulative personality.

He first appears to the player character and their companions as a disguised human, but he quickly reveals his true identity.

Moreover, he’s the type of character who wouldn’t hesitate to lie, cheat or even kill to get what he wants.

Raphael has a number of magical abilities, such as fire spells, teleporting, and summoning other devils to aid him in battle.

Furthermore, he will offer you a deal:

  • Accepting the deal: He’ll give you a powerful hammer and a cure for a problem in your head. But in return, he wants an important crown that can have bad consequences.
  • Rejecting the deal: You don’t have to give him the crown, but you’ll need to find another way to get the hammer.
raphael is a manipulative devil
Raphael is a manipulative devil who wants to rule the nine hells.
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How To Give Raphael Crown In BG3?

To give Raphael the crown, you must follow these steps below:

  1. Firstly, you must collect all three Netherstones, key items you’ll need to obtain.
  2. Travel to the Sharess’ Caress brothel in the Rivington region.
  3. You can find Raphael in one of the upstairs rooms.
  4. Talk to him and agree to his proposal to give him the Crown of Karsus.
  5. After giving him the Crown, Raphael will provide you with the Orphic Hammer and the cure for the Illithid parasite.
raphael receiving the crown of karsus
Raphael received the crown of Karsus.

Consequences Of Giving Raphael Crown In BG3

Here are the consequences of giving Raphael the crown in BG3:

1. Raphael’s Ambition

Handing over the crown to Raphael could have severe consequences.

Raphael will achieve his goal of ruling the Nine Hells and gaining great power with it.

Moreover, the Forgotten Realms will be plunged into chaos and darkness as his power will bring misery to the world.

2. Orphic Hammer And Cure

You’ll receive the Orphic Hammer, a powerful weapon that can be used to free Orpheus.

Additionally, you’ll get a cure for the Illithid Parasite affecting your character, which is a major issue.

3. Binding Pact

You will enter into a binding pact with Raphael meaning you must fulfil your end of the deal, giving him the Crown of Karsus.

Moreover, you will lose your soul to him, meaning you will go to hell when you die.

4. Alignment And Story

Your character’s alignment and the story’s direction will be influenced by this choice.

This will lead you to an incomplete main quest since the main quest is to stop the Absolute, a powerful evil entity.

The Bottom Line

Raphael is a cambion devil who wants to rule the world and is very cunning and manipulative.

However, giving Raphael the crown is a very bad idea since he is an evil devil who wants to rule the world.

Going along with his deal may lead to challenging battles and conflicts later in the game.

On the other hand, refusing can result in alternative quests and encounters, making the game more complex.

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