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How To Fix Essence Of Aether Bugged In MW3?

In Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies, players are reporting Essence of Aether bugged which is very annoying in the game.

There are two bugs in the game with Essence of Aether and containers on the battlefield.

In MW3, you can solve the Essence of Aether bug by restarting the device, playing solo, restarting the game, and avoiding container overlap.

This article discusses what are the bugs, and possible solutions to the Essence Of Aether bugged in MW3.

Bugs In Essence Of Aether In MW3

Many players in the Reddit discussion are discussing about the Essence of Aether bug.

Due to the bug, they are not able to complete the Essence of Aether mission.

essence of aether in mw3 reddit
Community discussion on Reddit about the Essence of Aether in MW3.

In MW3, there are two major bugs in Essence of Aether and they are as below:

1. Unresponsive Containers

In this bug, there are containers that are inaccessible for players to interact with.

This bug is faced when players get close to containers and the text to interact does not appear.

2. Contents Disappears

Players face content disappearance from the inventory after the interaction between the containers.

Their content disappears as Essence of Aether appears in the inventory and immediately vanishes.

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Possible Solutions For Essence Of Aether Bugged

There are different solutions for the problem that appeared in Essence of Aether in MW3.

Some of the possible solutions are as follows:

1. Restarting The Game

Some players have claimed success after exfiltrating from the Survival mode game and retrying the Essence of Aether objective.

Thus, this shows that the error is related to a specific game instance and can be resolved by restarting the game.

2. Restarting The Device

Restarting the gaming device may help cure the bug by removing any transient glitches.

Similarly, memory issues may interfere with the mission’s code in MW3.

3. Playing In Solo Mode

Some players have discovered that playing the mission solo rather than with co-op companions reduces the probability of experiencing the issue.

This might be due to a difference in how the game handles interactions with containers in solo mode vs multiplayer mode.

4. Avoiding Container Overlap

Players have reported that the problem occurs occasionally when many players attempt to interact with the same container at the same time.

Therefore, attempting to interact with containers that are not overlapping may lessen the likelihood of encountering the bug.

5. Patience And Perseverance

Patience and preservation are required because the Essence of Aether’s problem is still unpredictable.

Despite these efforts, the problem may continue involving patience and tenacity to finish the objective.

So, it is recommended to go for the customer support and report your problem.

Essence of aether bugged mw3
You can report the problem to MW3 customer support.

How To Complete Essence Of Aether In MW3?

To finish the Essence of Aether task in MW3, you must locate three unique containers known as Essence samples.

The three unique samples are:

  1. Hamza Bazaar at Hadiqa
  2. Farms Rostova Shops at Levin Resort
  3. Quadri Shopping Center at Zeravan City

You can save time by driving while looking for these samples.

For the first sample, enter the little Kosk in the middle of the region between two huge buildings on the right side of the map.

Afterward, look for a container near the Rostova Shops area for the second sample.

In addition, look for a container in the Quadri Shopping Centre area for the third sample.

Thus, the job will be completed after you have gathered all three samples.

The Bottom Line

The Essence of Aether glitch continues to be a source of frustration for gamers seeking to accomplish the task.

While there is no one solution, the possible solutions outlined above may assist you in raising the probability of success.

Thus, players may overcome this problem and accomplish the objective with patience, tenacity, and a little luck.

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