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Why Volo Gets Disappeared In Baldur’s Gate 3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), players can sometimes witness Volo having disappeared after freeing him from the Cage.

Volo is one of the NPCs in BG3 that players encounter at the Druid Grove.

Moreover, Volo is also famous as the Camp Follower and the writer in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Players can find Volo’s Guide to Monsters, and Volo’s Guide to Waterdeep, which are Volo’s creations. 

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Volo might have disappeared if players had not released him from the Cage before making the goblin camp angry.

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Who Is Volo In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Volo is Volothamp Geddarm, one of the renowned figures in the world of Baldur’s Gate.

Players can find him as the character who plays the neutral good role as the writer and traveler in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Similarly, Volo is also known as the traveler who illustrates his travel experience in a series of guidebooks and maps.

Additionally, this dynamic character transcends the limit of the literature and maps to become an essential character in BG3.

Image of Volo
Volo in BG3.

In other game editions, players can take a guide from the maps crafted by the Volo. 

Furthermore, his perspective has assisted in much of the game’s Instruction Manual to make it easier for the players.

Where Can You Find Volo In Baldur’s Gate 3?

In BG3, Players can encounter Volo multiple times at various locations during Act 1. 

Firstly, players encounter Volo in Act 1 inside the serene Druid Grove, where he will converse with a bear.

After interacting with the Volo, you know that Volo is interested in learning about the Goblin Group that attempted to raid the grove.

Subsequently, Volo goes to Goblin camp to learn why the Goblin Group chants Absolute instead of Maglubiyet.

Similarly, players can reencounter Volo at the Goblin Camp, where he entertained Goblins against his will.

Volo entertaining Goblin
Volo is performing for the Goblin group in BG3.

Right after the Player encounters Volo, they must see him move to the Shattered Sanctum as Goblin’s prisoner.

Players have to act on the new quest Rescue the Volo after he was held captive in a cage in Shattered Sanctum.

Finally, you will encounter Volo at the Shattered Sanctum, where you have to rescue him before making Goblins angry. 

For the final time, you can meet him at the camp, where he will provide you the Blazer of Benevolence for unleashing him. 

Rescue Volo From The Cage Without Getting Disappeared

Players have to head to Goblin Camp before they can start Rescue the Volo quest of the game.

Upon reaching Goblin Camp and talking to Volo, players know he wishes to be free from Goblins Group.

Similarly, players must head to the northern part of the Goblin Camp, where they find Shattered Sanctum.

The Player can witness Volo inside the Cage where one of the Goblin members, Gribbo, is guarding him.

Then, players must talk to the guard and convince her to give them a “key” to Volo’s Cage. 

Talking with Guard
Players trying to convince the guard.

You can also use your Psionic power to convince the goblin to release him, or you must pass tests.

Alternatively, players must pass the deception/ intimidation check before she gives them the key to the Volo’s Cage.

However, Players must ensure they cannot make Goblins hostile before freeing Volo from the Cage.

If you fail, players have to go through a situation where they might lose Volo as he disappears from the Cage.

Finally, after getting the key to his Cage, players can directly talk with Volo and get him out of the Cage.

Upon unleashing Volo, players can invite Volo to their camp, which will complete the quest “Rescue Volo.”

Rewards After Freeing Volo

At the Camp, Players can get the “Blazer of benevolence” reward for freeing him from the Goblin’s Cage.

Similarly, if you allow Volo to examine you, he confirms that there is a Parasite in your Head.

Undeniably, the next day, Volo will remove the parasite from your Head, which results in losing one of your eyes.

However, after losing one eye, Volo replaces your eye with an artificial one, which allows you to see Invisible Creatures.

 The Bottom Line

Volo is one of the good characters in the game, and it should be a better decision to rescue him from the Goblins.

Rescuing Volo is a virtuous choice and a strategic move as he would take out the parasite. 

Players should rescue Volo before making the Goblins Group Hostile to ensure he does not disappear from the cage.

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