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What If True Soul Nere Is Already Dead In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), if players take too long to rescue Nere, there is a probability that Nere is already dead. 

While playing the game, at some point, players have to decide whether to kill True Soul Nere or free him.

Players should make the right choice as it leads to different outcomes and rewards.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, if players choose to rescue True Soul Nere and take too long camping, they might find that Nere is already dead due to suffocation.

Continue reading more about True Soul Nere and find out if he is already dead in BG3.

Who Is True Soul Nere In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Like other characters, players must interact with True Soul Nere at the end of Act 1.

True Soul Nere is a character found in the mysterious cave world in BG3.

Similarly, True Soul Nere associates with the group Absolute, which is known to be evil. 

Moreover, Nere has presented himself in human form, hiding his true nature. 

He is one of the formidable enemies who bring problems to the players and commands for concentration while fighting. 

True Soul Nere in BG3
True Soul character Nere in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Additionally, he serves the Absolute group and respectfully carries out the decisions made by the Absolute without any hesitation. 

Upon meeting True Soul Nere, players must make the critical decision of killing, letting Nere die, or saving him from the Cave. 

However, players must understand that different outcomes might occur based on their decisions.

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Where To Find True Soul Nere In BG3?

Players have to embark on a thrilling journey of BG3 to the depths of the Underdark before they can find Nere.

Similarly, players can only encounter Nere at the end of Act 1 after they get to the Grymforge in the Underdark.

However, players must pass other difficulties, like the quests of Myconid Colony and the Duergar Camp, before meeting Nere.

First, players must enter a dark and quiet realm buried beneath a setting on the stage of Grymforge.

Then, find Nere who is inside the Cave and on the verge of getting buried under the Rubble.

Nevertheless, the Cave is filled with poisonous gas, and it is just a matter of time before he suffocates from it. 

Therefore, players must hurry to gather the essentials required for freeing the True Soul Nere.

How True Soul Nere Might Die?

Players can find True Soul Nere dead if they take too long to rescue him from the Rubble.

Similarly, players have to keep an eye on their watch as Saving Nere is one of the Time Sensitive Quests.

Unfortunately, he is trapped inside the Cave and dies because of poisonous gas, and if you can’t rescue him within the quest timer.

Thus, players should delay their sleep and abandon their camp; getting rest would put Nere’s life at risk.

However, players can also use potions to recover their health, which provides enough time to rescue Nere.

How To Free The True Soul Nere In Baldur’s Gate 3?

After Players decide to Save True Soul Nere from the Underdark, they should find a way to reach Grymforge.

You can find True Soul Nere at the end of the Grymforce; try to free him before he dies due to suffocation.

However, players have to focus on getting the Rune Powder that can blast the entire cave and free True Soul Nere.

Thus, players have to find Philomeen to get the Runepowder to explode the Cave and free out True Soul Nere.

1. Finding Rune Powder

You must find and convince Philomeen to give you the Rune Powder to blast the cave.

Philomeen is the deep gnome who is residing in the distant part of the Grym area after skipping her hometown.

Players need to follow the specific route to reach Philomeen without any trouble. 

Finding Dead Body
Dead bodies are lying on the ground.

Follow the steps below to find the Rune Powder in BG3.

  1. Return to the docks in Grymforge and follow the waterfront to the left until they see a bunch of dead Gnome bodies.
  2. You will encounter two Duergars having a conversation, focusing on making them leave. 
  3. You can do this by lying to them, telling them that you will dispose of the corpses left there.
  4. Similarly, after performing the perception and charisma checks by rolling the dice, Duergar will leave.
  5. After that, enter the next room and find the stone formation resembling the sealed door or fireplace.
  6. Again, after performing a perception check, you will find a button to open the wall; press that and lower the wall.
Performing Perception Check
Players can perform perception checks in BG3.
  1. Upon lowering the wall, you must fight with oozes and defeat them before heading to the staircase.
  2. Next, you will find a great distance that can only be covered by a great jump.
  3. Players should jump high to cover the distance, and you can also use the jump spell if you can’t jump.
  4. After jumping, you will see a giant door again, and performing a perception check will open that door again.
  5. Finally, after opening that door, you can find Philomeen and ask Runepowder by convincing her. 
Philomeen in Bg3
Asking for Runepowder with Philomeen in BG3.

2. Freeing True Soul Nere

After collecting Runepowder Vile, players should return to Grymforge, where True Soul Nere awaits.

Similarly, you must throw the Runepowder Vial at the Rubble inside the Cave, which will implant with the rocks.

Immediately after rune powder implants on the rocks, the gnomes will move away to the distance where they are safe.

Following that, players must light the Runepowder using a Fire Bolt.

This will start an explosion, which will blast the rubble and free True Soul Nere.

However, you have to perform these tasks fast to save Nere suffocating from the poisonous gas.

The Bottom Line

Players should decide on whether to save the “Nere” or not based on the storyline they want to experience.

You can also team up with Brithivar and fight against Nere or leave him to die in the poisonous gas.

In summary, players can choose to fight alongside Nere, kill Nere, or free Nere and kill him during the fight.

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