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Should You Help The Emperor Or Not In Bg3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an exciting fantasy game where players make tough choices.

A significant decision comes when you must help or fight the mysterious Emperor.

This happens in the Astral Plane and asks you to think carefully. Will you assist the puzzling Mind Flayer or go against them?

The Emperor in BG3 is a Mind Flayer, whom you will encounter in the Astral Plane, and you should decide whether to help him or not. Helping the Emperor provides you with assistance in the game and romantic opportunities.

Let’s explore this choice and its outcomes in more detail.

Who Is The Emperor In BG3?

The Emperor in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a special character you meet in the game.

Unlike typical Mind Flayers, the Emperor is complex and shows different feelings.

When you reach a crucial point in the game, you’re faced with a big decision involving the Emperor.

the emperor bg3
The Emperor is a special character in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This decision occurs in the Astral Plane, a mystical realm within the game’s universe.

Here, you must carefully consider whether you want to help the Emperor or take a different path by opposing them.

This choice is significant because it shapes the story’s direction and affects the relationships you build throughout the game.

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How To Find The Emperor In BG3?

This is how you find the Emperor in the game.

1. Wyrm’s Crossing

To encounter the Emperor, you must reach Wyrm’s Crossing.

This is where the crucial events involving the Emperor unfold.

Wyrm's Crossing
Wyrm’s Crossing is a location in BG3.

2. Githyanki Ambush

While at Wyrm’s Crossing, a sudden and unexpected event takes place a Githyanki ambush.

Furthermore, these formidable enemies attack your group, creating a challenging situation you must navigate.

How To Get To The Emperor In The Astral Plane?

Once you find the location, follow these steps to get to the Emperor:

1. Survive The Ambush

First, you need to ensure your survival during the Githyanki ambush.

Defeat the Githyanki Monks that attack your group, and strategize to reach a portal within three turns.

Failing to do so can result in severe consequences, as those with a tadpole in their brain may become controlled by the absolute, leading to unfavorable outcomes.

2. Astral Plane Transition

Upon successfully reaching the portal, you’ll be transported to the Astral Plane, a mysterious dimension.

Here, you’ll face new challenges and encounters, including the Emperor.

Astral Plane
Astral Plane is a mysterious dimension in BG3.

3. Confronting The Emperor

In the Astral Plane, as you venture further, you’ll eventually encounter the Emperor.

This is the moment when you’ll be presented with the critical decision of whether to help or attack the Emperor.

The Emperor: Helping Dilemma

Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to help the Emperor or not in BG3:

Pros Of Helping The Emperor

Some pros of helping the Emperor are:

  • Assistance from Intellect Devourers: Aligning with the Emperor grants assistance from Intellect Devourers, giving an advantage in the confrontation with the Githyanki.
  • Deeper Story Insights: Choosing to help the Emperor unveil his true identity as the Dreamlover enhances the narrative experience.
  • Romantic Opportunities: This choice opens up romantic possibilities, adding an emotional dimension to gameplay.
help the emperor or not
The Emperor is asking for help in BG3.

Cons Of Helping The Emperor

Some cons of helping the Emperor are:

  • Physical Tradeoff: Accepting the Emperor’s gift may alter your character’s appearance with black veins, which could be visually unappealing.
  • Companion Disapproval: Your companions might disagree with your choice, potentially leading to conflicts within the party.
  • Romantic Commitment: While some players may appreciate the romantic option, others may find it limiting if they prefer different relationships or paths.

The Bottom Line

Remember, choosing to help or attack the Emperor is entirely up to you.

However, your decision shapes the story, your character’s journey, and the relationships you build.

Hopefully, considering all the pros and cons, you will be able to decide whether to help the Emperor or not.

Happy Gaming!

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