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How To Get Crushing Flight In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Crushing Flight is one of the interesting abilities in BG3 that helps you fly from above and crush your enemies.

Players can get crushing flight by combining classes like Clerics and Druids in Baldur’s Gate 3. Moreover, they can damage enemies using this ability strategically and with smartness.

Continue reading to discover more about the Crushing Flight and how to use it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Crushing Flight In BG3?

Crushing Flight in Baldur’s Gate 3 refers to an ability that allows characters to take to the skies themselves to engage and damage flying enemies.

Certain classes, races, or items can provide a character with flight, allowing them to directly confront airborne foes on their terms.

Once airborne, Crushing Flight abilities perform powerful aerial attacks to damage or ground opponents.

This may include dive-bombing charges that deal bludgeoning damage, plunging attacks from above, or carrying off smaller creatures to drop from a height.

Using terrain, surprise, and tactics like Flyby, a character with Crushing Flight can quickly engage multiple flyers, knocking some out of the sky while damaging others mid-air with falling attacks.

With the right build focusing on strength and dexterity, Crushing Flight turns a character into an aerial juggernaut that owns the skies.

How To Get Crushing Flight Abilities In BG3?

One way to Crush Flights in Baldur’s Gate 3 is to join the Flyers yourself. Certain races like Aarakocra or winged tieflings start with flight.

The Winged feat also grants Flight to anyone. Clerics get access to Fly spells, and Druids can wild shape into flying forms.

Crushing Flight BG3
Attacking the enemy using crushing flight to gain the most damage.

Furthermore, Multi-classing can combine these and prioritize Dexterity for maneuverability, then Strength for damage-dealing.

Maxing these stats allows devastating aerial attacks.

Benefits Of Crushing Flight

With Crushing Flight, you can engage enemies from above using terrain to your advantage.

Draw flyers up high then perform fast diving strikes from above for surprise attacks.

In addition, you can also use Flyby and the Dash action to kite enemies, wearing them down with hit-and-run tactics.

Once you’ve mastered flight, learn capstone aerial attack abilities.

Clerics get Stormborn for flying charges that Thunderwave foes.

Druids get Sky Talons to wild shape into an eagle and carry foes off cliffs.

Furthermore, Wizards get Meteor Swarm, flying up to rain fiery death from above.

Multiclass builds can combine abilities from multiple classes for new aerial options.

Reign from Above With flight and aerial attacks, you can crush any foe.

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The Bottom Line

Becoming a flying force yourself is one of the most effective ways to crush flight in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Moreover, combining classes like Clerics and Druids will make you gain this ability and by using the Crushing Flight you can overcome any enemy.

With the right tools and skills, you can own the victory.

Happy Gaming!

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