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Orpheus Or Emperor: Whom To Choose In BG3?

Many players are confused about choosing Orpheus or Emperor in BG3.

Both the characters have pros and cons in the player’s event if they choose to save or fight them.

In BG3, choosing between Orpheous or Emperor can lead to future consequences. However, opting to Free Orpheus will assist players by appearing as Githyanki and later helping as a Mind Flayer. 

Continure reading to find the consequences and rewards if you face Orpheus or Emperor in Bg3.

Who Is Orpheus In BG3? 

Orpheus, the Prince of the Comet, is one of the in-game NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Prince appears in one of the personal quests called Free Orpheus in the Quest Giver location.

Moreover, the Netherbrain and Emperor trap Orpheus with his Mind Flayer companions.

If players are willing to save Orpheus, they must complete the event.

However, players must find a way to release Orpheus from the Chains of the Emperor.

Lastly, players must obtain the Orphic Hammer and extract the Diabolist Helsik to save the Orpheus.

Who Is Emperor In BG3?

The Emperor is one of the followers of the Netherbrain, the potent commander of Mind Flayer.

Unfortunately, following the Netherbrain’s command, the Emperor has chained Orpheus and his fellow mates. 

Moreover, the Emperor appears in the Free Orpheus Quest and appears hostile to the players.

Further, players can either team up with the Emperor or save Orpheus from the Netherbrain.

Players wishing to help the Emperor might also get assistance on the events and future quests.

Whom To Choose: BG3 Orpheus Or Emperor?

Playing opting to save Orpheus or leave him in chains with the Emperor will have consequences to follow.

Considering it is such a hard decision, playing in this event is difficult.

If you choose either  Orpheus or the Emperor, the relationship with the other character will break down.

If players opt to save Orpheus from the Chains, the Emperor will no longer be their Ally.

Later, the Emperor will join the Netherbrain to plan a conspiracy against you and your companion.

On the other hand, siding with the Emperor will allow them to team up with him against the Mighty Netherbrain. 

However, for the players still unsure about the decision, it depends on their future events.

If players want to assist Gityanki and Lae’zel and need guidance on the last act, ensure to save Orpheus.

How To Free Orpheus?

If players are willing to Free Orpheus and betray the Emperor due to his past, ensure to follow the procedure;

  1. Interact with Emperor and confess you want to Free Orpheus.
Free Orpheus
Interact with the Emperor in the Free Orpheus Quest.
  1. Obtain the Orphic Hammer from the Astral Prism.
bg3 orpheus or emperor
Obtain the Orphic Hammer from the Astral Prism.
  1. Use the Orphic Hammer blow to free Orpheus from the layered cage.
bg3 orpheus or emperor
Save Orpheus from the layered cage.
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The Bottom Line

Choosing between Orpheus or Emperor in BG3 has both negative and positive consequences.

However, opting to Free Orpheus and transform him into Gityanki will proceed to be a great Lae’zel ending.

Further, players can build an Ally with the Prince and evolve against the Emperor and Netherbrain.

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