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How To Use Mushroom Circles In BG3?

Mushroom Circle is valid for fast travel and exploration in Baldur’s Gate 3.

They can help you avoid some enemies or hazards by taking a shortcut.

But how do you use them, and what secrets do they hide?

To use a Mushroom circle in BG3, the player must approach and interact with it, and they can choose where they want to go or cancel if they change their mind. Sometimes, teleportation can take place at random locations.

In this article, we will explore everything about Mushroom Circle in BG3 and give you some tips and tricks on how to use it.

What Is Mushroom Circle In BG3?

A Mushroom circle is a feature in BG3 that allows the player to travel between different locations.

They are portals helpful in exploring new areas, finding secrets, and completing quests. 

Moreover, they add an element of mystery and wonder to the game world.

Players can find them in the surface world and the Underdark, a vast network of caverns.

Moreover, enemies usually hide or guard them and require certain conditions to be met before activation.

Mushroom circle bg3
Use the Mushroom Circle for teleportation.

However, some are friendly and allow players to interact with different characters and factions.

Location Of Mushroom Circles

If players are willing to search the Mushroom Circles, You can find some of the well-known Mushroom circles in BG3.

1. Overgrown Tunnel

This Mushroom circle is located in a tunnel near Druid Grove, where the player can find a mask of Auntie Ethel, a powerful hag.

The player must wear the mask and jump across a gap to reach this Mushroom circle leading to the Underdark.

2. Hag’s Workshop

This is located in Auntie Ethel’s workshop, which can be accessed by following her through a portal in her teahouse.

The player must defeat Ethel and her minions and then use the mushroom circle to return to the surface.

3. Teahouse Caves

This is located in the caverns below Auntie Ethel’s teahouse, behind a locked door with a face on it.

The player must cast Protection from Evil and Good on themselves and then wear one of Ethel’s masks to open the door.

4. Underdark

This is located in a large chamber in the Underdark, where the player can find a Myconid Sovereign named Glut.

Furthermore, the player needs to help Glut with his fungal infection.

Then they can use the mushroom circle to travel to different locations.

Some are the Blighted Village, the Goblin Camp, and the Druid Grove.

Note: The game has several mushroom circles, but not all are active or accessible. Some require specific conditions, such as wearing a mask, casting a spell, or completing a quest.

How To Use Mushroom Circles In BG3?

Using Mushroom Circle is not as simple as walking into them.

You need to wear a mask that matches the face on the portal and cast a spell that protects you from the harmful effects of the portal.

Follow these steps to use them.

  1. You must find a glowing Mushroom circle with a circular pattern on the ground.
  2. Approach the Mushroom circle and interact with it. The circle will turn into a green layer in the cut scene.
  3. A menu will appear with the available destinations that you can travel to.

Players can head to random places throughout the maps with the mushroom circle.

For instance, if players use one of the circles of the Underdark, they can directly reach Putrid Bog.

However, you can use the same Mushroom circle to return to your previous location or explore other destinations.

Likewise, some mushroom circles have additional options, such as talking to Glut or using Ethel’s masks.

Note: The player can find masks and scrolls of protection in Auntie Ethel’s cave or the Arcane Tower.

Benefits And Risks Of Using Mushroom Circles

Using Mushroom circles can have both positive and negative consequences for the player.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Discovering new places and secrets
  • Completing quests and gaining rewards
  • Meeting new allies and enemies

Some of the risks are:

  • Encountering dangerous foes and traps
  • Getting lost or stuck in unfamiliar areas
  • Missing out on other events or opportunities
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The Bottom Line

Using a mushroom circle may have different effects depending on various factors.

However, be careful when using them, as some destinations may be dangerous or hostile to you.

Therefore, players should consider them carefully and be prepared for unpredictable or challenging situations.

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