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How To Fix Save Incompatible In BG3?

Players are facing a huge issue currently as Save is Incompatible with BG3.

The Larian Studios, developers of BG3 are facing a huge backlash among gaming communities.

The Possible way to fix the Save Incompatibility issue in BG3 is to wait for the re-release of Hotfix 4. Players are unable to save the Game progress and face crashes after they installed the latest Patch. 

Continue Reading to know the game Save issue and explore the solution of Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Save Incompatible In BG3?

Many Players around the Globe are facing Save Incompatible issue in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Players are neither able to load the game nor know the game’s progress.

All this issue is caused due to new Patch of the game called the Hotfix 4.

Larian Studios released a huge update for gamers to explore new dungeons and classes.

Unfortunately, the new patch backfired and they are facing a huge controversy currently.

All Players who installed the new update are facing these sorts of issues.

bg3 save incompatible
Steam Conversation on the Save Incompatible Issue.

Many Players have completed some events and Quests collected a few rewards and saved the progress.

Unfortunately, all the game progresses will be lost according to Larian Studios.

Due to building errors, sudden crashes, and minor bugs and errors, the developers are forced to make this move. 

Thankfully, for Players who still haven’t got the new patch yet, their game progress will be safe.

Moreover, they are not facing sudden crashes and are able to play games smoothly.

How To Fix Save Compatible Issue In BG3?

The Fix Save Compatible issues are faced by players who have already downloaded the new patch.

Unfortunately, the only way to solve the issue is to wait for the re-release of the new Patch.

Larian Studios were forced to revert back to Hotfix 4 due to the huge number of crashes.

The Developers will most likely solve the Save Incompatible issue in the upcoming hours.

bg3 save incompatible
Larian Studio’s Response to Save Incompatible Problem.

However, for Players who have started the Queests, their progress will not be saved as per Larian Studios.

For Players wanting to get Hotfix 4, it would be better to wait for the fixed Patch.

Until then, enjoying the previous Patched will be a great option as the saved events will not vanish unlike Hotfix 4.

What Is In Hotfix 4?

Hotfix 4 is the latest Patch of Baldur’s Gate 3.

The new update will be fixing all sorts of crashes, bugs, and glitches in the game.

Moreover, Players will now be able to play games smoothly as ever without any inconvenience.

Players will no longer get stuck due to their fellow companions.

Further, Orin’s glitches in the Temple of Bhaal, the Long Rest issue at Astral Prism, and Game Saving problems are solved.

Moreover, Players who play  Multiplayer mode more often will be happiest with the new Patch.

Larian Studios are taking care of the Character Vanishing problem in connectivity and Approval option in the party.

Furthermore, Baldur’s Gate 3 has also improved on the Battle Segment.

One of the Players’ companions, Isobel will have increased health.

In Addition, Gortash’s glitch in Wyrm’s Rock’s Audience Hall issue is solved. 

Lastly, in Flow and Scripting, there is the highest number of changes and fixes.

All the bugs in events including Enemy of the Absolute, Astral Prism, Iron Throne, and Rethwin  Tollhouse are resolved.

The Bottom Line

The Save Compatible issue is faced by players all around the globe who have just installed the latest Patch.

Players are unable to save the game progress, facing sudden crashes while playing the game.

Unfortunately, Re-updating the Hotflix 4 is the only option for players to run games smoothly.

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