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How To Defeat Viconia In BG3? 

Viconia is a powerful drow cleric who can transform into a wolf, heal herself, and cast devastating spells.

However, players struggle to decide whether to kill Viconia in BG3.

The fight against Viconia is very challenging, as there are over 20 enemies to deal with. The player should use radiant damage against the Sharrans, as they are vulnerable to it.

In this article, we will explore everything about the challenging character Viconia, how to kill her, and what rewards you can get from defeating her.

Who Is Viconia In BG3?

Viconia is a drow (dark elf) cleric of Shar, the goddess of darkness and secrets in BG3.

She is the leader of a group of Sharrans who operate in the House of Grief, a hidden temple in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate.

Moreover, she owns a legendary shield called Viconia’s Walking Fortress, which has powerful magical properties.

She is encountered during Act 3 of the game and can be fought or allied with depending on the player’s choices.

However, she is not a playable companion, but she may have some connection to Shadowheart.

Nevertheless, she is the main antagonist of Shadowheart’s quest, Daughter of Darkness.

Where To Find Viconia?

To find Viconia, you must go to the House of Grief, located at coordinates X: -264 Y: -11 in the Overgrown Ruins, the northwestern edge of the Lower City.

The House of Grief is a dangerous dungeon filled with enemies and traps, and you will encounter Viconia inside.

Should You Kill Viconia In BG3? 

Some players may want to kill Viconia in BG3 because they don’t like her personality, alignment, or religion.

Additionally, she is evil, which means she has no qualms about hurting or manipulating others for her benefit.

Moreover, she worships Shar, an enemy of many good deities and seeks to spread darkness and misery in the world.

However, other players may want to spare Viconia in Baldur’s Gate 3 because they find her intriguing, attractive, or sympathetic.

Furthermore, she has a romance option for male characters in the previous games, which may make some players nostalgic or curious about her relationship with them.

She can also be persuaded to join the player’s side if they share her faith or convince her that they can help her achieve her goals.

How To Kill Viconia In BG3?

Killing Viconia is not easy, but it is possible with some strategy and preparation.

She has many followers who will attack you with spells and weapons.

Moreover, she can transform into a wolf and heal herself.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to kill her in BG3.

1. Find Vicionia

First, you must find her in the House of Grief and enter by either persuading the guard at the door or sneaking in through the back window.

Once inside, you will see Viconia talking to Shadowheart in a cutscene.

2. Decide Whether To Side With Shadowheart Or Viconia

Next, you need to decide whether to side with Shadowheart or Viconia.

If you choose to protect Shadowheart, you will have to fight Viconia and her followers.

Similarly, if you choose to give up Shadowheart, she will turn against you and join Viconia.

Either way, you will have to kill Viconia to complete the quest.

3. Use Radiant Damage

The most important thing is to use radiant damage against the Sharrans, as they are vulnerable to it.

You should bring druids with moonbeams and sunbeams, and make sure Shadowheart uses sacred flame and a guiding bolt.

Additionally, you can use items like holy water and sunstone amulets to deal extra radiant damage.

kill viconia bg3
Players can kill Viconia in BG3 with some tactics and tricks.

You should avoid attacking Viconia until the end of the fight, as she will turn into a wolf at the start and heal herself every time she takes damage.

You need to have all four characters focused on her to make sure she dies before she can heal.

Moreover, you can also use spells like dominate beast or temporarily hold a person to disable her.

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Rewards After Killing Viconia

If you succeed in killing Vicionia, you will complete Shadowheart’s quest and earn her trust and gratitude.

You will also get some loot from Viconia’s corpse, including her staff, cloak, ring, and amulet.

rewards after killing viconia
Players can get rewards after killing Viconia in BG3.

The Bottom Line

Killing Viconia is a major decision that will affect your relationship with Shadowheart, the main companion and potential love interest of the game

Choosing to kill or spare Viconia in BG3 depends on the player’s preferences, morality, and role-playing style.

There is no right or wrong answer, only different consequences and outcomes.

Hopefully, this article helps you to choose whether to kill or spare Viconia in BG3.

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