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How To Find Arcane Brazier In BG3?

Arcane Brazier is one of the places inside the Arcane Tower in BG3.

It lies in the Underdark location, a deep and mysterious land.

To find the Arcane Brazier in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to enter the Arcane Tower, a mysterious structure in the Underdark that contains powerful magic and secrets. It is a getaway to unlock the elevator by using the Sussur Blossom.

Let’s dive deep into the Arcane Tower and Arcane Brazier.

What Is Arcane Tower?

The Arcane Tower is a mysterious and magical place located in the depths of the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3.

It’s like a hidden castle filled with secrets and wonders waiting to be uncovered.

You can explore the location in the first act, which is guarded by two turrets.

Moreover, this tower holds the key to many mysteries, and at its center lies the Arcane Brazier.

It is a magical source of power that you can activate to unlock the tower’s magic.

The Arcane Brazier In BG3

The Arcane Brazier is an element within the Arcane Tower of Baldur’s Gate 3.

In addition, this enchanted brazier possesses a profound magical essence that is key to unlocking the tower’s hidden potential.

Adventurers can illuminate the tower’s enigmatic depths and unleash its secrets by understanding and activating the Arcane Brazier.

arcane brazier
Find the Arcane Brazier in Arcane Tower.

However, before using the Arcane Brazier, you should keep a few things in mind

Searching The Arcane Brazier In BG3

To search the Arcane Brazier in Baldur’s Gate 3, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Begin your journey on the Underdark beach, where the Draugrs reside.
  2. Head south along the beach until you spot an abandoned shack, indicating the right path.
  3. Traverse through the Torchstalk mushrooms, but stay cautious as they are volatile and can explode.
  4. Keep moving westward from the mushrooms, and soon you’ll find stone steps that guide you to the tower’s entrance.
  5. Approach carefully, as a vigilant Arcane Turret emits a blue beam tracking your every move.
  6. Utilize the turn-based mode by pressing the spacebar to strategize.
  7. Counter the threat with ranged attacks while using nearby cover to shield yourself from the turret’s harmful aim.
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How To Fix The Elevator With The Arcane Brazier?

The Arcane Brazier is a device that powers up the elevator by using a Sussur Bloom, a glowing plant that grows on the tower’s walls.

sussur bloom
The Sussur Bloom flower you can use to power up the elevator.

Without the Arcane Brazier, the elevator will not work, and you cannot explore the tower fully.

The Arcane Brazier’s significance extends to fixing the tower’s elevator, a task integral to solving many challenges within the tower.

  1. To proceed, head to the right of the front door, descending the stairs to find a wall to leap through.
  2. Your traversal takes you across various mushrooms, each one a stepping stone in your journey.
  3. Begin with the purple mushroom, then leap to the blue and red.
  4. Transition to the brown mushroom and continue to the blue one.
  5. A cautious descent from the blue mushroom is crucial to avoiding fall damage; spells like Feather Fall or Misty Step can help ease your landing.
  6. Following this path leads you to a tree adorned with blue Sussur Blooms.
  7. These magical blooms are unique: they nullify spellcasting in their proximity.

Securing just one of these blooms is sufficient for your goal.

Powering The Arcane Tower

To power up the Arcane Tower, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you have a Sussur Bloom.
  2. Go to the back of the tower inside where the Power Generator is. It’s right under the elevator.
power generator in the arcane tower
The power generator in the Arcane Tower, under the elevator.
  1. Use the generator by interacting with it and put the Sussur Bloom into the special slot.
sussur bloom
Combining Sussur Bloom with the generator.
  1. When you do this, the Bloom and the generator work together, bringing the whole tower to life with a bright light.
light up arcane tower
The arcane tower will be filled with bright lights and the elevator will start working.
  1. The elevator is awake and can take you to other floors.
arcane tower elevator
Use the elevator to get to the top.

The Arcane Brazier’s magic makes the tower ready for you to explore and find its secrets.

The Bottom Line

The Arcane Brazier in Baldur’s Gate 3’s Arcane Tower isn’t just decoration, it’s a magical conduit and a piece of the tower’s puzzle.

By following this guide, you’ll unlock the tower’s potential, explore its levels, face challenges, and discover its stories.

With every step and interaction, you engage in the magic of Baldur’s Gate 3.

So, adventurous soul, embrace the mysteries of the Arcane Tower and journey forth.

Happy Gaming!

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