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How To Buy Statue Of Yourself In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Are you looking to buy a statue of yourself in Act 3 of Baldurs Gate 3?

If you are facing an issue with not being able to order a statue of yourself in BG3, then you are not alone.

To buy a statue of yourself in BG3, you’ll have to talk to Boney at the back of the circus and pay 5000 gold coins to purchase it. However, if you are having issues with being unable to buy a statue of yourself, you must rest, complete the Clown fight, find all the dribbles, reload the game, etc.

Continue reading to address some common issues players have encountered when attempting to purchase their statue.

Act 3 In Baldur’s Gate 3 

Act 3 differs slightly from Act Two and Act One in BG3 because it’s less structured comparatively.

Furthermore, in Act 2 and 3, you’ll get through everything the game has to show if you are explorative and talk to all the NPCs.

However, this is not the case for Act 3 as it is differently structured with tons of content.

Therefore, it is most likely that players run to miss a lot of things in the game.

How To Get A Statue Of Yourself In Act 3?

First thing First, you have to go through the circus area in Act 3, which is fun to explore.

You can also find all the missable content around the circus area.

Getting a statue in Act 3 will be a permanent one you can have as one character for the rest of Act 3.

Circus area act 3 BG3 boney
Players run to miss a lot of things in Act 3 around the circus area.

1. Talk To Boney

If you want to have a statue of yourself or an Astarion in your Camp in BG3, you have to go to a character called Boney.

To find this little buddy named Boney head towards the back of the circus.

Stoney and boney creation statue
If you want to have a statue of yourself in BG3, you have to go to a character called Boney.

If you want to buy a statue of yourself, you will want to talk to Boney by imitating your character.

However, if you want to have a statue of an Astarion or any of your other companions, you must talk to Boney, imitating your companions.

For instance, you have to say, “I’d like a statue of myself for my camp, and I’m speaking as the Astarion.”

2. Cost For Buying A Statue Of Yourself In BG3

Ordering a statue in Act 3 will cost you 5,000 golds, which is expensive.

But you know, at some point, you end up with so much money you don’t know what to do with it, so childish things like this are worth it.

To make your character remarkably powerful while also having a lovely little statue of yourself in your camp, buying it is a good idea.

3. Delivery After A Long Rest

After you take a long rest, the statue is going to be delivered to your camp with impressive detailing.

Unfortunately, there is no character interaction, but you can’t click on it to do anything except climb up on top.

If you desire, you can get one for every party member to make the game fun.

Your statue delivery at camp
After you take a long rest, the statue is going to be delivered to your camp.
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Troubleshoot: Cannot Buy Statue Of Yourself Issue

Some players are facing problems with ordering a statue of themselves from Boney, and he keeps on saying Shop’s closed.

Meanwhile, some players order a statue of themselves, but it does not appear in the camp.

Below is the information about how to troubleshoot statue ordering issues from the circus vendor in Act 3.

  1. Complete the Clown Fight: Before buying a statue of yourself, complete The Clown Fight event to avoid trouble ordering the statue.
  2. Finding Dribbles: You can order your statue after you find all of The Dribbles and give them to Lucretius. However, some players reported that they were able to get a statue after finding some of the dribbles.
  3. Reload the Game: After you finish the Clown Fight reload and return to the circus vendor to check if the issue is solved.
  4. Wild Shape: If you haven’t wild-shaped during the clown fight, this action triggered the event that didn’t let you buy.
  5. Elfsong: After the dribble attack, players face the issue of the Shop Closed, and Boney won’t sell the statue of you. Hence, you can check for the statue in Elfsong.

The Bottom Line

Despite spending 5,000 gold coins, some players face the problem of not getting their statue delivered to their camp.

You can follow the guides in this article to help you get a statue of yourself from Boney in your camp after the long rest.

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