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Bring Connor Back In BG3: Make Your Decision

Connor Vinderblad was Mayrina’s husband in Baldur’s Gate 3.

He lived in the Western Heartlands of Faerûn during the late 15th century DR.

Players should bring Connor back depending on their personal preferences. If they revive Connor as a zombie in Act 1, it leads to some consequences in Act 3. However, players should revive Connor out of humanity and give the Bitter Divorce Wand to Mayrina.

Continue reading to learn what happens when you bring Connor back to the BG3.

Who Is Connor In BG3?

According to Mayrina, Connor was afraid of the dark. The game features him in the Auntie Ethel quest.

Further, he is known for his summoning wand that can summon a free summon with an expiration timer. 

The summoned creature can trigger floor traps, block poison vents, trigger enemy ambushes, and fetch hard-to-reach items.

Further, they can attack most levers to activate them. Therefore, Connor is instrumental and provides insane utility.

However, it is essential to note that this information may contain spoilers for the game.

mayrina bg3
Mayrina is Connor’s Wife in BG3.

Should Players Bring Connor Back In BG3?

Whether or not players should bring Connor back depends on their personal preferences. 

According to a Reddit post, reviving Connor as a zombie in Act 1 leads to some consequences in Act 3.

Further, the post mentions there is no way to revert Connor into an average human being after completing the side quest.

revive connor
A Reddit post on reviving Connor.

However, players should revive Connor out of humanity and give the Bitter Divorce Wand to Mayrina.

If Mayrina wishes to care for her undead husband, then players should let her do that.

Further, if players point the wand at the coffin, Connor returns as a zombie and seeks a master with the wand’s charge.

Therefore, players can keep the wand or give it to Mayrina.

If players choose to keep the wand, they can use Connor in battles, but this will make Mayrina hate them.

On the other hand, if players give the wand to Mayrina, she will use it to cure Connor.

If players revive Connor and bury him again in the ground, this will anger Mayrina, and she will try to attack them.

In such a situation, players have no option but to kill her.

What Are The Consequences Of Reviving Connor?

Reviving Connor in Baldur’s Gate 3 can have different consequences depending on your chosen method.

If you resurrect Connor and make him a human, he might not be the same person you last saw.

He can be scarred by his ordeal and struggle to get used to life.

If you resurrect him as a zombie, he can be a threat and might assault you or someone else without warning.

Furthermore, resurrecting him can anger the gods or other powerful beings.

bring back connor
You can bring back Connor for Mayrina in BG3.

If you snap the wand in two, Connor will remain buried underground, but it will fill Mayrina’s head with rage for you.

Alternatively, you can revive Connor and bury him again in the ground, but this will anger Mayrina, and she will try to attack you.

In contrast, to bring Connor back in BG3 is a difficult decision with no easy answers.

The consequences of each choice will vary depending on the method you choose and your personal beliefs and moral compass.

In BG3, if the players bring Connor back as a zombie in Act 1, it leads to a side quest in Act 3.

The quest is called The Price of Power, and it involves Mayrina, who is seeking a way to restore Connor’s humanity.

The quest can be initiated by speaking to Mayrina in the Druid Grove after completing the Rescue the Trapped Man quest.

connor in zombie
Players can revive Connor in zombie form.

During the conversation with Mayrina, you will have to make some decisions that will affect the outcome of the quest.

If you choose to help Mayrina restore Connor’s humanity, you will have to find a way to remove the curse that turned him into a zombie.

However, if you choose to side with the druids and kill Mayrina, you will not be able to complete the quest and will miss out on some rewards.

The Bottom Line

If you bring Connor back as a human with the Bitter Divorce wand, he will be forever damaged and incapable of using magic or fighting.

However, Mayrina will be appreciative of your help and will reward you.

If you revive Connor as a zombie, he will obey whoever has the charge of the Bitter Divorce Wand.

After completing the entirety of the side quest, there seems to be no way to revert Connor back into a normal human being. 

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