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Bird Is The Word Emote: How To Unlock Peter Griffin

Players have been discussing the “Bird is the Word” emote in the latest Fortnite Chapter 5.

There are various types of emotes in Fortnite that players can use, some of which are iconic.

Bird is the word emote is one of the recently introduced emotes in Fortnite Chapter 5, which takes the reference from the Peter Griffin dance from the Family Guy TV show.
Continue reading more about the Bird is the Word emote in Fortnite Chapter 5.

What Are Emotes In Fortnite Chapter 5?

Emotes are the items in the Fortnite game that allow the players to perform various gestures with their character.

Moreover, the players can express different emotions using emotes, such as winning the game.

In the same way, some of the emotes are taken with reference to famous internet characters.

Player using emote
A player using Bird is the Word emote.

Similarly, players can get these emotes by buying them from the in-game shops or using the redeem codes.

Additionally, you can also unlock these emotes using Battle passes or by completing several tasks.

Furthermore, two emotes are seen in Fortnite Chapter 5 so far, which are as follows:

  • Nanner Ringer
  • Bird is the Word

What Is Bird Is The Word Emote?

Bird is the Word is the recent emote in Fortnite Chapter 5 that allows players to use Peter Griffin’s move.

Similarly, you can sing the Bird is the Word song and dance just like Peter Griffin does in Family Guy.

Additionally, players and news agencies posted about including this new emote on community platforms.

Twitter post about the emote
News agency posting about Bird is the World emote.

Moreover, players are getting really excited to be able to use this emote with any other characters in the game.

However, game developers have not yet revealed how to get this new emote in the game.

Furthermore, you might be able to obtain it from item shops or as a Battle Pass reward like previous emotes.

Peter Griffin In Fortnite Chapter 5

Peter Griffin is a famous character in the TV show Family Guy, which is available in Fortnite now.

Similarly, players can get the Peter Griffin skin for their character by buying Battle Pass.

Furthermore, there is a boss in a Mansion in the game who has Peter Griffin as a character.

Fighting Peter Griffin
Players Fighting Peter Griffin in Fortnite.

In the same way, players have to defeat that enemy character to get various rewards.

However, you will have to be careful while fighting as there are other guards protecting Peter Griffin.

Moreover, you will get the following rewards after killing the enemy boss:

  • Peter’s Mythic Hammer Shotgun
  • Golden Medallion

How To Unlock Peter Griffin’s Skin?

Players need to buy the Battle Pass from the game and increase their levels and battle stars.

Moreover, you can buy the levels and battle stars in the game by using the V-bucks.

Additionally, if players are out of V-bucks, they can buy them with real money from the store.

Furthermore, after you increase your levels and battle stars, you will have to claim rewards.

Finally, you will get Peter Griffin and play it as a character in the game.

The Bottom Line

Overall, using the Bird is the Word emote in Fortnite Chapter 5 seems really cool for the players.

However, players have to buy the Battle Pass first and then unlock Peter to use it as a playable character.

Moreover, you can easily buy the Battle Pass with the V-bucks of the game or the real money.

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