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Starfield Eye Of The Storm Bug: Possible Solutions

The “Eye of the Storm” is the faction quest in the game Starfield. Players can support the United Colonies or the Crimson Fleet in this mission.

Each decision has specific repercussions and benefits.

The Eye of the Storm quest is bugged near the end in Starfield. Therefore, you must reroute the ship’s power by flipping two switches and transferring a module.

Continue reading the article to discover more about the Eye of the Storm bug in Starfield and how to fix it.

What Is The Eye Of The Storm In Starfield?

Eye of the Storm is a quest in Starfield. It relates to the Crimson Fleet faction, a crew of space pirates led by Captain Zara Kryx, and is a significant plot point.

Eyes of the storm starfield
Delgado is the leader of the Crimson Fleet.

After finishing Absolute Power, you must sneak into the UC SysDef headquarters and take two modules to improve your ship’s capabilities to begin the quest.

The next stop is Bannoc IV, a barren planet where Jasper Kryx, Zara’s father and a renowned pirate, previously resided.

The Legacy, a vault that you must penetrate, contains Jasper Kryx’s belongings and secrets.

You have to decide whether to bring his legacy to the UC Vigilance.

The UC Vigilance is a faction that opposes the UC SysDef and wants to expose its corruption.

Additionally, you’ll need to decide whether to bring his legacy to The Key.

The Key is a mysterious organization that claims to know the truth about the origin of the galaxy.

However, your choice will significantly affect the story and your relationship with Zara.

Moreover, you will earn 250,000 credit points after finishing this quest.

However, you must destroy the Crimson fleet if you side with the United Colonies in this mission.

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What Is the Eye Of The Storm Bug In Starfield 

The Eye of the Storm bug is a glitch that occurs in Starfield. It affects the quest of the same name, part of the main storyline.

Moreover, the bug prevents players from completing the quest and advancing the story.

The glitch appears when players must move a module and flick two switches to reroute the ship’s power.

The quest’s goal is to wait for the transfer process to finish, but because it never does, it becomes stuck.

In addition to these problems, the bug may result in audio cuts, latency, or crashes.

Moreover, the player can get stuck in the transfer process when activating the vault door.

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How To Fix Eye Of The Storm Bug In Starfield?

Here are some solutions for the Eye of the Storm bug in Starfield that have reportedly been successful:

  • Try loading a save from before the mission if the objective marker glitch remains.
  • Try quitting the game and loading the last save you loaded before you began the transfer procedure to fix the transfer process bug.
  • You can also attempt to save the game before exiting to the main menu. Reload the save and then restart the game.

However, you can also avoid the Eye of the Storm bug by following these tricks:

  • Save frequently, especially before beginning a new quest or challenging assignment.
  • Try loading a save before the bug appears if you run into trouble.

Moreover, if you still get stuck with this bug, you can seek help by contacting Bethesda support.

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The Bottom Line

Despite being hailed as the most polished Bethesda game at launch, Starfield has several defects, including the Eye of the Storm problem.

It’s crucial to remember that Starfield is still a brand-new title. Thus, glitches are unavoidable.

The Eye of the Storm mission contains issues, and Bethesda is trying to address them.

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