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How To Craft Black Powder In Enshrouded?

Players can craft the Black Powder Enshrouded and further use it to craft weapons in the game.

Black Powder plays an important role in making weapons and ammo in the game by making them explosive and powerful.

However, to craft the black powder, players must first build the laboratory in Enshrouded.

Continue reading to learn more about how to craft Black Powder and its uses in Enshrouded.

What Is Black Powder In Enshrouded?

There are various items and resources in Enshrouded that you can craft and utilize to progress in the game.

Among all those crafting items, one special material called the Black Powder is a real game-changer.

Furthermore, Black powder is a potent crafting material with explosive properties in Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Black powder
To craft the black powder in Enshrouded, you must first build the laboratory by finding the scientific instruments.

Additionally, it serves as a crucial ingredient for creating various advanced ammunition in the game.

It’s not just for blowing things up; it’s a vital ingredient that can help craft advanced weapons and gears.

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Craft Weapons And Ammo With Black Powder

Black powder is a necessary recipe item for crafting weapons and ammo in Enshrouded.

When you unlock and summon the Hunter in the game, he will offer you recipes for the essentials, supplies, ammo, production place, etc.

Then using the recipe, you can craft ammo for poisoned iron arrows, bronze arrows, flint arrows, exploding arrows, stun arrows, etc.

1. Craft Exploding Arrow With Black Powder

You will need black powder to craft an exploding arrow in Enshrouded.

An exploding arrow is a powerful arrow that deals 41 damage to the enemies which is comparatively much higher than other weapons from the hunter.

Furthermore, the exploding arrow uses black powder as its ammo in the game and delivers an explosive surprise.

Moreover, you will need the following recipe to craft an exploding arrow in Enshrouded.

  • 25 Flint Arrow
  • 5 Feather
  • 5 Black Powder

Similarly, when you unlock and summon the Alchemist, he will offer you recipes for various weapons, ammo, supplies, production places, etc.

You can craft weapons like Explosive Powder Grenade, Explosive Barrel, and Spiritual Cane with the help of the Alchemist.

However, you need black powder to craft an Explosive Powder Grenade and an Explosive Barrel in Enshrouded.

2. Craft Explosive Powder Grenade 

An explosive powder grenade is a weapon that you can craft in Enshrouded with the help of the Alchemist.

Furthermore, the explosive powder grenade has 24 damage attacks with 0.1s cast time.

Hence it is an explosive with impressive power that you can craft with the following resources:

  • 1 Plant Fiber
  • 1 Iron Bars
  • 2 Black Powder
  • 1 Lump of Clay

3. Craft Explosive Barrel 

Another weapon that you can craft with the help of the black powder in Enshroued is the Explosive Barrel.

Furthermore, the explosive barrel is a decorative item for the home in the game.

In addition, the resources that are required to craft the explosive barrel are as follows:

  • 2 Plant Fiber
  • 4 Black Powder
  • 2 Wood Planks
  • 1 Nails

The requirements for crafting the explosive powder grenade and Explosive Barrel are Alchemist and Laboratory.

Hence, you must craft the laboratory to create even more end-game recipes in Enshrouded.

Build A Laboratory To Craft The Black Powder 

In Enshrouded, you can craft the black powder in the laboratory with the help of the Alchemist.

However, you must first complete missions and craft the laboratory by following the guide below:

  1. Complete the Crafter’s quest in the Kindlewastes.
  2. Follow the quest to find Scientific Instruments at the Eldermere Dam Excavation Site, east of Nomad Highlands Tower.
  3. Next, find large birds in the east of the Excavation site.
  4. Collect the Scientific Instruments from a bird’s nest.
  5. Craft components like Athanor, Glass, Fired Bricks, and Copper Bars at the Alchemist.
  6. Then, combine all four components to craft the Laboratory.

Now, you have a powerful crafting station ready for advanced recipes in Enshrouded.

How To Craft Black Powder In Enshrouded?

Once you unlock the laboratory, you can craft recipes like Enshrouded Oil, Paper, Spice, Nitrate, and Black Powder.

As black powder is one of the important ingredients for crafting weapons and ammo, you can craft it in the laboratory.

Make black powder in laboratory
Players can easily craft the black powder in the laboratory in Enshrouded.

Likewise, to craft the Black powder, you must obtain the following items and blend them into black powder.

  • 7 Nitrate
  • 1 Sulphur
  • 2 Coal Powder

Moreover, it will take exactly 3 minutes to craft the Black Powder in the laboratory.

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