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Enshrouded Enshrouded Oil: Complete The Alchemist NPC Quest

In Enshrouded, Enshrouded oil is one of the most sought-after resources in the game.

Significantly, it can greatly enhance the player’s chances of survival and exploration.

However, obtaining it is difficult, as the Shroud is full of deadly creatures and environmental hazards.

The player must be well-equipped and prepared to venture into the Shroud and harvest the oil.

Continue reading to learn how to obtain the Enshrouded Oil.

Unlock The Enshrouded Oil

Enshrouded Oil is a crafting material used to make various potions and items in Enshrouded. 

To unlock the Oil recipe, you must complete the quest for the Alchemist NPC.

The quest involves finding the Scientific Instruments located in a bird’s nest at the Eldermere Dam Excavation Site.

1. Rescue The Alchemist

The quest starts when you rescue the Alchemist from the Ancient Vault in the Springlands and summon him to your base.

He will tell you about the essential scientific instruments for his research. 

Further, he will give you some notes that lead you to various points of interest in the Kindlewastes.

Additionally, you can find clues about the location of the Instruments.

ancient vault alchemist
Rescue the Alchemist from the Ancient Vault

2. Eldermere Dam Excavation Site

The final clue will direct you to the Eldermere Dam Excavation Site, east of the Nomad Highlands Tower.

You can use the Glider, which you can unlock from the Blacksmith’s quest, to travel faster and avoid the shroud-filled chasm.

When you reach the excavation site, you will see a large dam built into the mountain, with some scaffolding and tents around it.

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3. Reach The Nest

You will notice some large birds flying around the area.

These are Vultures guarding the nest where the Scientific Instruments are hidden.

Significantly, the nest is located on the east side of the excavation site, on a ledge near the top of the dam.

Thus, you can use the Glider to reach the nest, but be careful of the Vultures, as they are aggressive and can deal much damage. 

You may want to equip some armor and weapons before you attempt this.

There are Vultures guarding the nest.

4. Find The Scientific Instruments 

Once you reach the nest, you will find the Scientific Instruments inside.

They are metal devices that look like a telescope, a microscope, and a scale.

You can interact with them to collect them and complete the quest.

You can then return to your base and talk to the Alchemist, who will be happy to see the Instruments. 

He will then teach you how to craft the Laboratory at his crafting station

Craft The Laboratory At The Crafting Station

To craft the Laboratory at the Alchemist’s crafting station in Enshrouded, you will need the following materials:

  • Athanor: 5 Lump of Clay, 40 Fired Bricks, 10 Copper Bars
  • Scientific Instruments: Obtained from the quest
  • 10 Iron Bars
  • 10 Bronze Bars

The Laboratory is a building part that can be placed in your base.

It allows you to craft more advanced recipes, such as Enshrouded Oil.

 grinding stones enshrouded
Find the grinding stones for enshrouded oil.

Craft Enshrouded Oil At The Laboratory

To craft Enshrouded Oil, you need to use the Alchemy Station.

Another building part can be crafted at the Alchemist’s crafting station.

The Alchemy Station requires the following materials:

  • Mortar: 10 Stone, 10 Wood
  • 10 Iron Bars
  • 10 Copper Bars

The Alchemy Station can craft various reagents and potions, such as Enshrouded Oil. 

While crafting the oil, you need the following ingredients:

  • Shroud: Harvest it from large, pulsating plants
  • Fertilized Farm Soil: Use Animal Droppings on tilled soil
  • Fossilized Bone Dust: Put Fossilized Bone into Grinding Stone, requires Alchemist NPC
  • Goo: Craft at Alchemist NPC
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