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Blasphemous 2 All Figures: Location Guide

Blasphemous 2 is a recently released side-scrolling game that has added some intriguing features such as Figures and wooden-carved sculptures.

This feature is dedicated to the trophy hunter for collecting all the figures, giving different effects when equipped.

There are 35 Figures in the Blasphemous 2, each with its effects, combinations, and peculiarities. Players can play with the figures and hunt for the new Resonances to develop different builds.

This article will discuss the different figures and their locations.

What Are The Figures In Blasphemous 2?

Figures are the new addition to the Blasphemous 2 game, enhancing players’ experience.

Figures are the reason why the game has become easier than its predecessor.

Furthermore, a few figures are essential to unlock Ending A, as the combination between them paves the way to the true ending.

However, players only need to collect four to achieve the true Ending A.

Additionally, you can pair specific figures with each other to create a unique name, Resonance.

List Of All Figures In Blasphemous 2

Here are all Figures you can find in Blasphemous 2.

All Figures
The TraitorCierzo
Then, NacimientoThe Partisan, Viridiana, The Flagellant, The Scribe & The Bishop
Ecstatic NoviceThe Choirmaster
The Purified OneJaloque
The ThuriferThe Anointed One, The Veteran One & The Punished One
The PilgrimTirso, The Thirst & Lebeche
The TempestGregal
The PillagerThe Cobija Mayor
The Demented OneThe Confessor
The AlchemistThe Woman Of The Stolen Face
The Maiden & The Unwavering OneThe Guide
Keep reading to explore the two Moons and big spells in Blasphemous 2.

Location Of Easy Obtainable Figures

Here is the location of some figures that are easy to find and achieve the Ending A in Blasphemous 2:

1. The Traitor

This Figure can be obtained after talking to the sculptor for the first time in the city of the Blessed Name.

Players must enter the building where the sculptor is and interact with him. Once you are done, you will get the Altarpiece.

The Traitor figure
Players need to talk to the sculptor to get The Traitor figure.

2. The Thurfer Figure

It is located in the Sacred Entombment.

Players must double jump to the reachable, hit the chain to drop the cage, and then crawl through the cage to open the Golden chest with the Figure.

The Thurifer Figure
Players need to navigate to the Sacred Entombment to acquire this Figure.

3. Nacimiento

Getting this item is very easy.

This Figure is in the Ravin of High Stone near the City of the Blessed Name.

You have to go to the ravine and drop down to the first hole you find.

Then, walk towards the right and find the Golden Chest with the Nacimiento Figure.

All Figures
Found in the City of the Blessed Name.

4. The Ecstatic Novice Figure

Found in the upper part of the City of the Blessed Name.

It is located in the same building as the Scupter but on the top floor.

After you reach the top floor, take the right and get inside the window you will find the Golden Chest with Figure.

Ecstatic Novice location
Shown the location of the Figure.

5. The Purified One

Generally, The Purified One is located in the Aqueduct of Costales which is accessible after defeating the boss of Sacred Entombments.

The figurine is looted from a chest that is guarded by a Heavy, a large enemy that wields a mace.

All Figures in Blasphemous 2
Found inside the Golden chest housing.

6. The Pilgrim Figure

This Figure is located in the Grilless and Ruin.

It is also near the City of Blessed Name, making it easy to get it early on.

Furthermore, you must go to the room on the right side, double-jump pass through the opening, and fall onto a ledge.

The Pilgrim Figure
The figure is located at the top of the ledge in Grilss and Ruins.

7. The Tempest

Found in the Palace of Embroideries.

Also, you must interact with the statue to bring the mirror down to obtain this item.

All Figures location of tempest
You find the location of the tempest on the map.

8. The Confessor Figure

To obtain this Figure, you must hand over the Remembrance of the Confessor to the Sculptor or his daughter.

The confessor choose the hand
Players have to choose the hand-over memento option to get this Figure.

9. The Partisan, Viridiana, The Flagellant, The Scribe & The Bishop Figures

All of these figures can be purchased from the City of the Blessed Name shop.

However, ensure you have enough Tears of Atonement before purchasing these Figures.

navigate to shop to purchase all Figures
Navigate to the shop shown on the map to purchase the Figures.

These are some easier Figures you can find in Blasphemous 2.

However, there are four necessary figures to unlock Ending A: Gregal, Cierzo, Lebeche, and Jaloque.

These four are the most challenging to find and give great solo buffs.

Gregal can be found after you find all 33 cherubs and complete the parlor challenge at the top of the tower at the Aqueduct of the Costales.

However, to find Cierzo, you must unlock the game’s secret ending,, which involves providing Procession of Shadows with the three Forgotten Tributes.

Lebech is found after completing all five Battle Challenges in the game.

Jaloque is the most difficult-to-find figure in Blasphemous 2 because it depends on your  Tears of Atonement.

Moreover, you have to buy all this stock from Medardo and Escolasticos.

Then, on the Crimson Rains map, they will sell the Jaloque Figure for 600 Tears of Atonement.

This is how you can get the four Figures and start the Ending A.

The Bottom Line

All Figures in Blasphemous2 can help players enjoy the game and unlock new potential for their character.

Furthermore, players can get the Weight of Penance trophy after collecting all the Figures.

Hopefully, this article was helpful in locating a handful of Figures in Blasphemous 2.

Continue reading to learn how to obtain Marks Of Martyrdom and whether you need to kneel in Blasphemous 2.
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