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How To Achieve Immaculatus In Blasphemous 2?

Guilt in Blasphemous 2 is a mechanic that tracks The Penitent One’s actions and determines their level of Guilt.

Similarly, Immaculatus is the lowest level of Guilt in Blasphemous 2.

Immaculatus is a term used to describe having no or very low Guilt in Blasphemous 2. Also, it has advantages and disadvantages, depending on how the player wants to play the game.

This article discusses the Immaculatus guilt in Blasphemous 2, including how to achieve it.

What Is Guilt In Blasphemous 2?

In Blasphemous 2, a video game set in a dark and twisted world, Guilt is a game mechanic.

Guilt affects the player’s Fervour, damage taken, and rewards from enemies.

Players can use Fervour as a resource to unleash powerful abilities called Prayers and Hidden Verses during combat.

Guilt decreases the maximum Fervour capacity, making it more challenging to utilize these abilities.

Moreover, Guilt amplifies the damage players receive from adversaries, intensifying the game’s difficulty.

Nevertheless, Guilt also comes with advantages.

The higher your Guilt level, the more Tears of Atonement and Marks of Martyrdom you’ll earn from defeating enemies.

Tears of Atonement serve as the in-game currency, allowing you to purchase items, upgrade your gear, and cleanse your Guilt.

Marks of Martyrdom are points that unlock new player abilities and perks.

So, the Guilt system becomes a risk-reward mechanism that empowers players to tailor their playstyle.

Some players might opt for minimal or zero Guilt, enhancing their resilience and the ability to deploy numerous skills.

Conversely, some players may opt for high Guilt, rendering themselves more susceptible and reaping fantastic rewards.

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What Is Immaculatus In Blasphemous 2?

Immaculatus represents the lowest level of Guilt, indicating no associated penalties or bonuses.

Moreover, to achieve Immaculatus in Blasphemous 2, you must reduce your Guilt level to 0-9% Guilt.

To reduce your guilt, consider visiting a Confessor. You can find confessors in various locations across Cvstodia.

Immaculatus blasphemous 2
You can decide whether or not to reduce your guilt.

Lowering your guilt entails paying Mea Culpas, and the cost increases with the amount of guilt you carry.

Alternatively, you can seek absolution at the Altar of Atonement within the Cathedral of the Absolve.

Further, to atone for your sins, you must make a self-sacrifice. This act will reset your guilt level to Immaculatus.

However, it comes at the price of using all your Martyrdom Points and Tears of Atonement.

Further, if you struggle to achieve Immaculatus, you can try playing the game in a more accessible, challenging setting.

This will make it easier to avoid dying and killing innocent enemies.

Benefits And Drawbacks

The benefits and drawbacks of Immaculatus are as follows:


  • Minimal or no Guilt results in increased Fervour, providing resources for using Prayers and Hidden Verses—powerful combat abilities.
  • Reduced damage from enemies enhances gameplay, making it easier to progress.
  • Unlock achievements and secrets linked to Immaculatus, like discovering the True Confessor and accessing the Hidden Library.


  • Lower or no Guilt leads to reduced acquisition of Tears of Atonement and Marks of Martyrdom from enemies.
  • Tears of Atonement function as the in-game currency for buying items, upgrading equipment, and cleansing Guilt.
  • Marks of Martyrdom serve as points to unlock new abilities and perks.
  • Miss out on story and character interactions related to Guilt, including Shadowheart’s quest and Raphael’s offer.

The Bottom Line

Immaculatus, in Blasphemous 2, is a challenging but rewarding goal.

Achieved at 0-9% Guilt requires visiting confessors or self-sacrifice at the Altar of Atonement.

Its benefits include reduced enemy damage, buying potent items and abilities with Tears of Atonement, and many more.

However, pursuing Immaculatus is a player’s choice.

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