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Unleash The Severed Tower In Blasphemous 2

The Severed Tower is a location that plays an important role in the storyline of Blasphemous 2.

To get to the Severed Tower in Blasphemous 2, you must complete missions, including “Crossing the Divide” and “Tower Grounds”. There you will find enemies to battle and strategically progress to reach the tower’s interior and uncover its secrets.

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What Is The Severed Tower In Blasphemous 2?

The Severed Tower is a prominent location in Blasphemous 2.

It is a massive tower located in the northern region of the game’s map.

The tower was once connected to the mainland but has since been severed and now stands alone, isolated from the surrounding land.

Little is known about the tower’s history or purpose, but it is clearly an important and mysterious structure.

severed Tower
The Severed Tower is a prominent location that plays an important role in the storyline of Blasphemous 2.

The tower is surrounded by a barren wasteland, making it difficult to access.

Within the tower’s walls lie many secrets and powerful artifacts that will aid the Penitent One, the main protagonist, on his quest.

Reaching and exploring the Severed Tower is a major objective in Blasphemous 2.

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Where To Find The Severed Tower In Blasphemous 2?

You can find the Severed Tower in the northernmost region of the game map, separate from the mainland by a large body of water.

To reach the tower, players will first need to complete several missions.

Players will gain access to the Northern Woods area after defeating the boss Mirrah, Keeper of the Northern Woods.

Here they will discover a small boat along the shoreline.

Interacting with the boat begins the “Crossing the Divide” mission.

Players must then carefully navigate the boat across the wide channel to the small island where the Severed Tower is located.

Furthermore, they must avoid hazards along the way like strong currents and sea monsters.

Upon arriving at the island, players will see the immense Severed Tower looming before them in the distance.

Between the shore and the tower lies the “Tower Grounds,” a large open field with dangerous enemies you must battle to reach the tower entrance.

How To Clear The Crossing the Divide Mission?

The “Crossing the Divide” mission tasks players with safely navigating the boat from the mainland to the Severed Tower island.

Players control the boat’s movement with the analog stick or WASD keys.

Hazards to watch out for along the way include strong ocean currents indicated by animated waves.

They will push the boat off course if not carefully steered against.

Sea monsters emerge from the water periodically, and you must avoid or battle them in Blasphemous 2.

tower level
Sea monsters emerge from the water periodically, and you must avoid or battle it.

The boat has limited health and will sink if damaged too much by monsters or currents, failing the mission.

Players must carefully maneuver the boat across the channel while battling threats, keeping an eye on the boat’s health.

Reaching the other shore safely completes the mission and unlocks the next area – the Tower Grounds.

How To Clear The Tower Grounds Mission?

After completing the “Crossing the Divide” mission, players arrive at the start of the “Tower Grounds” area.

It is an open field standing between the shore and the Severed Tower.

Stealth may help thin enemy numbers initially, but combat is inevitable.

Players can utilize the Penitent One’s large arsenal of melee combat skills, spells, and special abilities to defeat enemies.

Furthermore, progress will be gradual, requiring players to carefully battle groups of enemies, recover health and fervor (magic power), and then push further.

As players get closer to the tower, stronger elite enemies appear that require strategic fighting.

fighting Severed tower
As players get closer to the tower, stronger elite enemies appear that require strategic fighting.

Finally, upon defeating the last enemies, the massive doors of the Severed Tower will open, completing the “Tower Grounds” mission.

Players may now explore the interior of the mysterious structure.

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What Can You Find Inside The Severed Tower?

Within the cavernous interior of the Severed Tower lie many secrets and powerful artifacts.

Players can find various upgrade materials for weapons and skills by battling enemies and searching the tower’s floors.

Hidden throughout are Lore Scrolls that provide more background on the game’s storyline and locations.

Deeper levels house more difficult puzzles and traps requiring careful navigation.

Furthermore, players discover the Holy Grail artifact, which grants a permanent power upgrade when acquired.

Near the tower’s peak is the final boss’s lair, the Guardian of the Severed Tower – an epic showdown.

The Guardian’s soul is absorbed upon defeat, learning its deadly magic.

In the highest chamber lies the Tower’s secret – a portal that transports players to a new region and continues the main quest.

Exploring every inch of the Severed Tower yields many rewards that aid the Penitent One’s journey.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Severed Tower

The isolated location of the Severed Tower provides both advantages and disadvantages.

Its separation from surrounding lands makes it difficult to access, requiring perseverance to reach.

However, this also means its secrets are well protected within its fortified walls.

The tower houses many powerful artifacts and upgrades, rewarding those who overcome its challenges.

Its challenging enemies and puzzles test players’ combat and problem-solving skills.

The tower’s final boss battle and region portal continue driving the main story forward.

However, the tower’s layout can confuse players navigating its identical-looking floors. You may miss traps leading to deaths.

The tower also stops players from fast travel until their exploration is complete.

Overall, the Severed Tower’s risks outweigh the significant rewards it provides.

The Bottom Line

Its isolation makes it difficult to overcome, but powerful secrets and abilities lie within Severed Tower walls.

The Severed Tower presents an epic multi-stage obstacle that tests players’ skills and engrosses them deeper into the game’s dark lore and world.

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