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How To Upgrade Rosary Blasphemous 2?

The Rosary in Blasphemous 2 is a gameplay element that you can use to equip Rosary Beads, which bestow various bonuses on you.

The Rosary is a powerful tool that can help you to succeed in Blasphemous 2.

In Blasphemous 2, you must gather Abandoned Rosary Knots to upgrade your Rosary. There are four Abandoned Rosary Knots in all, and each will let you open a new Rosary bed space.

This article will discuss the Rosary in Blasphemous 2, including how to upgrade Rosary.

What Is Rosary In Blasphemous 2?

The Rosary is a gameplay mechanic in Blasphemous 2, a video game that is a sequel to the original Blasphemous.

Furthermore, the Rosary is a necklace you can equip with Beads that grant you passive bonuses and effects.

rosary blasphemous 2
In Blasphemous 2, Rosary Beads raises The Penitent One’s many stats, including defense, health, enthusiasm, and others.

You can find, buy, or craft different Beads throughout the game and upgrade them with materials and prayers.

However, the Rosary has limited slots, so you must choose which Beads to equip.

Additionally, you can swap Beads at any time from the inventory menu.

In Blasphemous 2, the Rosary plays a significant role in personalization and progression because it can improve battle efficiency, protection, mobility, and exploration.

You can also find many Beads, which are listed below;

  • The Rust Rosary Bead’s Votive Offering enhances resistance to all elemental assaults.
  • The Bead of Red Wax Rosary Bead gives your prayers more force.
  • The Rosary Bead, known as the Bead of the Holy Wound, raises your sword’s damage.
  • The Rosary Bead, known as the Bead of the Three Stars, gives you a chance to regain health after slaying an adversary.

How To Upgrade Rosary In Blasphemous 2?

In Blasphemous 2, upgrading the Rosary requires a lot of different goods.

The Rosary Rope, a quest item, enables you to expand the spaces in your Rosary.

You can obtain the Rosary Rope by finishing the Old Woman’s quest at the Aqueduct of the Costales.

Additionally, the Rosary Beads are objects that bestow passive benefits and advantages.

Players can make, purchase, and acquire different Beads throughout the game. Also, you can help them out with resources and prayers.

The figure known as the Blacksmith can enhance both your Rosary and your weapons.

Players can find the Blacksmith near the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Charred Visage in the City of the Blessed Name.

Additionally, casting the bell magic in the Mother of Mothers region will provide a shortcut to his workshop.

After obtaining these things, you can visit the Blacksmith and speak with him.

Then, he will present you with various upgrades for your Rosary, such as extra slots, improved Beads, or altered effects.

Tears of Atonement, the game’s currency, will be required to pay him.

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Best Rosary Beads In Blasphemous 2

Rosary Beads are equippable goods that you can find everywhere across Cvstodia.

However, the talents of the Penitent One will be affected by doing this.

There are a total of 35 Rosary Beads scattered around Cvstodia. Some of them are:

1. The Holy Wound Bead 

The Holy Wound Bead boosts your sword’s damage by 15%.

This Bead can help you become more aggressive and dispatch foes more quickly.

You can obtain this Bead by eliminating the game’s opening boss, the Warden of the Silent Sorrow.

2. The Red Wax Bead 

This Bead gives your players a 25% boost in strength.

Additionally, with this Bead, you can sharpen your magical skills and increase the harm your spells cause.

This Bead is obtained by finishing the Redento’s quest, a pilgrim accompanying you throughout the game.

3. The Bead Of The Three Stars

It allows you to recover health when you kill an enemy.

Additionally, this Bead is beneficial for improving your survivability and healing without using flasks.

You can get this Bead by defeating the game’s second boss, the Our Lady of the Charred Visage.

4. The Rust-Claimed Votive Offering

This Bead enhances 10% resistance to all elemental assaults.

Moreover, this Bead is excellent at lessening the harm that poison, fire, and lightning-related attacks do to you.

Find a hidden chest in the Sacred Entombments area to obtain this Bead.

The Bottom Line

Blasphemous 2 features the Rosary, a necklace you can equip with Beads that grant you passive bonuses and effects.

Moreover, you can upgrade your Rosary by adding more slots, enhancing your Beads, or changing their effects.

However, you need the Rosary Rope, the Rosary Beads, and the Blacksmith to upgrade your Rosary.

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