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The Blast Corps In Lego Fortnite: How To Find It?

Players are curious about how to obtain the Blast Corps in the Lego Fortnite.

You can obtain the Blast Corps by killing monsters inside the cave full of Lava.

To obtain the Blast Corps in Lego Fortnite, you must go to the middle of the Sandy Desert Biome where you will find the Lava cave. The lava cave has exploding monsters that you must kill to obtain the Blast Corps.

Continue reading to find out more about the step-by-step guide to obtaining the Blast Corps in Lego Fortnite.

Resources To Get In Your Inventory To Obtain Blast Corps

In Lego Fortnite, players can obtain rare items called Blast Corps by entering a Lava cave.

But before you enter the cave, you must build some strategies and pack your inventory with all the necessary items. 

1. Get A Fire Torch

The most important item that you get in your inventory is the fire torch.

Furthermore, the fire torch creates light and gives a small amount of warmth.

Hence, it is a valuable asset while exploring dark caves as it can give a good source of light.

2. Get A Long Sword And Recursive Crossbow

When you go inside the gave you will come across various enemies blocking your way.

Hence, you will need a good strong sword to kill the enemies quickly.

A Long Sword can be an ideal option as it is a sturdy sword that is ideal for melee combat with enemies in close range.

Besides, you can also get a Recursive crossbow to shoot ranged enemies from afar.

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3. Get The Rare Health Charm In Your Inventory

As you will encounter enemies inside the caves with strong abilities, you must be ready with a strong shield.

Hence, it is best to increase your shield ability by getting a stronger shield; if possible, a rare shield works best.

You can get rare shield equipment like the Health Charm, which adds health and defense.

Moreover, this rare shield brings your max health to the next level.

4. Drink Slurp Juice And Snowberry Shake

Before you go inside the cave for Blast Corps, you can add Slurp Juice and Snowberry Shake to your inventory.

snowberry shake
Pack your inventory with all the necessary items and juices to help from the heat in the cave.

Additionally, if you lose health during combat inside the cave, you can drink Slurp Juice as it heals you over time.

The Benefits Of Snowberry Shake Inside The Cave

The Snowberry Shake has healing properties as well as Heat resistance abilities.

You can drink the Snowberry Shake to heal and temporarily increase Heat Resistance.

However, don’t drink the snowberry shake too fast as it can give you a brain freeze.

The cave is full of lava and heat, so bringing these juices with you will help you reduce the lava flames’ effect.

If you drink these juices, each will last for 10 minutes so you can get 30 minutes inside the cave if you bring 3 of them.

How To Find The Blast Corps In Lego Fortnite?

You must go to the middle of the Sandy Desert Biome to find a cave that has the Blast Cops.

Furthermore, the cave in the sandy desert is full of lava and has heat trapped inside of it.

cave location
Go to the middle of the Sandy Desert Biome to find the Lava cave that has the Blast Corps.

So before entering the cave, eat a Snowberry shake to reduce burns and Heat resistance.

Next, pick up the fire torch and enter the cave to search the Blast Corps.

Blast Corps
Kill the exploding monsters inside the Lava caves to obtain the Blast Corps.


The monsters in the cave that explode upon contact have the Blast Corps so you must kill them to collect the Blast Corps.

You will eventually find an exploding monster at the beginning of the cave so wield the long sword to slay it.

Remember that you must slay this monster as quickly as possible as it will explode and decrease your health.

When you kill the first exploding monster near the lave inside the cave, you can obtain the Blast Corps.

Similarly, you can wander around the cave to find these exploding monsters and kill them to obtain Blast Corps in Lego Fortnite.

The trick to collect more Blast Corps is to go near the lava and throw blasters to make the exploding monster spawn. 

The Bottom Line

The lava caves in the sandy desert biome are very hot and can burn you if you stay for too long.

So, it is best to equip yourself with juices that help to give you heat resistance and heal you at the same time inside the cave.

Hence, you can throw blasters near the lava to make the monsters appear and kill them to obtain the Blast Corps.

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