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Find The Mysterious Black Chest In Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, players are looking to find the Black Chest, which has mysterious rewards.

The Black Chest is a legendary item that gives you the power to become more formidable.

To find the Black Chest in Blox Fruits, you must explore the islands on the first, second and third seas. Besides, you can earn in-game currencies, legendary swords, and rare abilities after you open the Black Chest.

Continue reading to learn more about the mysteries of the black chest in Blox Fruits and the rewards you get when you open it.

What Is The Black Chest In Blox Fruits?

The Black chest is known as the Cursed Chest in Blox Fruits which appears in place of the regular chest in the game.

Additionally, the Cursed Chest appears rarely throughout the game, so finding it is a remarkable job.

Black or Cursed Chest
The Cursed Chest looks spooky with black flames on it, and it appears in place of the regular chest.

If you find and open the black chest, you can earn rewards that can help you boost your game’s progression.

Inside the Black Chest, you will discover valuable rewards like in-game currency, rare and powerful Ghost Fruits, or legendary swords.

Black Chest Appear In Uncommon Patterns 

The Black Chest is tempting and alluring for players due to its rare nature.

The Black chest appears infrequently in uncommon patterns throughout the game.

Furthermore, it is a challenging task to pinpoint the exact location of the black chest in Blox fruits.

However, you will experience an extra layer of excitement and suspense while finding the black chest in Blox Fruits.

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Locations Of The Black Cursed Chest

It is challenging to predict when or where you may come in front of a Black Chest, so discovering it will be an exciting event.

Thus, you must navigate the first, second and third seas to find the Black or Cursed Chest in the game.

I. Navigate The First Sea

When you navigate the First Sea, you may find Cursed Chest in Middle Town, Desert and Frozen Village.

You can also find the Black Chest in the Pirate Village which is located west of the Middle town.

II. Navigate The Second Sea

You must go to the Kingdom of Rose, Ice Castle and Hot-Cold Island to find the black chest within the second sea.

Similarly, Visit the Forgotten Island and Cursed Ship of Graveyard in the second sea to locate the Cursed chest.

III. Navigate The Third Sea

You can locate the black chest on Castle On The Sea Island and Haunted Castle Island within the third sea.

Likewise, look for the black chest in the Mansion within the Floating Turtle island in the third sea.

Black chest in blox fruits
Black Chest is a rare item in Blox fruits so visit islands on the first, second and third seas.

Hence, you will find the Cursed Chest in place of the standard chest within these areas of the seas.

What Is Inside The Black Chest In Blox Fruits?

As the Black Chest is a rare item in Blox fruits, getting your hands on one will give you precious rewards.

Hence, it’s like opening a treasure chest in a pirate movie where you find treasures that give you rare abilities.

1. In-game money:  When you open a black chest, you get 24 bones to buy various items and upgrades in the game.

2. Rare Abilities: Sometimes, you may find special powers like Ghost Fruits that give you extraordinary abilities.

3. Legendary Swords: You can also obtain legendary swords in the game that have incredible strength to make you a real warrior in the game.

4. 2x EXP Boost: You also have a chance of getting 2x EXP Boost for ten minutes which will help you to level up quickly in the game.

The Quest To Find The Black Chests

Many players love to hunt for the Black Chest in the hope of obtaining exciting rewards.

Some players even explore every corner of the game world in the hope of finding one.

Even if some players find the black chest in a specific location, you may not find it in the exact location.

black chest spawn location
Explore your surroundings to locate the black chest in Blox Fruits.

This is because the people who make the game move the Black Chest around to keep things interesting.

Therefore, you must continuously explore your surroundings and develop skills to adapt to new challenges.

Thus, this ever-changing nature of the black chest location keeps you invested in the search for it.

The Bottom Line

The Black Chest in Blox Fruits is worth finding as it promises valuable rewards.

The hunt for Black Chest keeps the game fun and full of surprises.

When you finally find one, you will earn rewards that will help you in your further explorations in the game.

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