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Blox Fruits: Obtain The Fruit Box

In the dynamic world of Blox Fruits, players can finally get their hands on the coveted Fruit Box in its latest update.

Hence, players are constantly seeking ways to enhance their gaming experience and try new features.

Players can get their hands on the enticing Fruit Box by redeeming the DLC Codes by entering the code in the Reward Codes. However, players must invest in Blox Fruits Merchandise to embark on the journey of unlocking DLC codes to obtain the Fruit box and other coveted rewards.

Continue reading to learn more about how to obtain the Fruit box in Blox Fruits.

Guide To Unlock Fruit Boxes In Blox Fruits

In this vibrant world of Blox Fruits, players are captivated to explore the quests for powerful fruit and fruit boxes.

Similarly, before unlocking the Fruit Boxes, players must invest in Blox Fruits merchandise.

Among the several treasures, players can obtain enticing Fruit Boxes from the official Blox Fruits Merchandise.

After buying the official merchandise, players can obtain the DLC codes, one of the game-changing features of Blox Fruits.

These codes are the coveted treasure to redeem the powerful fruits including fruit boxes and super fruit boxes.

Understanding DLC Codes

DLC is the abbreviation of Downloadable Content, it is one of the features in the game that presents additional content.

Similarly, by using the DLC, players can have access to various contents apart from their original game.

Likewise, in Blox Fruits, DLC codes serve as the gateway for obtaining exclusive rewards.

DLC Codes in Blox Fruits
Players have to purchase the official Blox Fruits Merchandise to obtain the DLC Code.

Additionally, these codes are one of the relevant assets in the Blox Fruits community, as they can unlock several rewards.

However, players should initially obtain and redeem DLC by following the process;

1. Obtaining DLC Codes

Players can only obtain the DLC codes after investing in the Blox Fruits merchandise.

Similarly, purchasing the official Blox Fruits Merchandise rewards players with the DLC Code that can be redeemed for valuable rewards.

DLC codes are extremely rare and exclusive so players should note that only a selected few players possess them.

2. Redeeming DLC Codes For Fruit Box

Once you have bought Blox Fruits merchandise and secured the DLC code, you can redeem it for several rewards.

Here are the steps for redeeming the DLC Codes in Blox Fruits:

  1. Locate the Blox Fruit DLC Code Token that appears when buying the merchandise.
  2. Log in to your game account where you want to redeem your DLC code for the reward.
  3. Launch the Game and wait for it to start.
  4. Upon reaching the home screen, click on the gift icon located on the left side of your screen.
  5. Enter your DLC code into the Reward Codes and click Redeem to get your exclusive rewards ranging from fruit box to game credits.
Redeem DLC Code For Fruit Box
Players can redeem the DLC Code to obtain Fruit Box and in-game currency.

Similarly, after redeeming the DLC code, players can get several rewards such as fruit boxes, super fruit boxes, and some in-game currency.

The Bottom Line

In Blox Fruits, players can obtain Fruit Boxes, and Super Fruit Boxes by purchasing the official Blox Fruit Merchandise.

Moreover, players can also obtain the permanent fruit boxes by redeeming the DLC codes.

Hence, players can elevate their gaming experience by investing in associate merchandise for obtaining power fruits in Blox Fruits.

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