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Explore Everything About Subclass In Blox Fruits

With the new update, Blox Fruits came up with new features, Subclass.

Players will get to enjoy the Christmas Event, new mythical fruit T-REx, and Subclass features.

Till now only one Subclass has been added in Blox Fruits’ new update, i.e. Shipwright subclass which has abilities to repair damaged boats.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Subclass in Blox Fruits.

What Is Subclass In Blox Fruit?

Blox Fruits Winter Update Part 1 was released on 25th December 2023, adding different new features.

Hence, the Subclass is the new feature of Blox Fruit, which will help you to complete the sea quest.

This new feature came up with different abilities that will benefit you in the gameplay.

So, to proceed further in the game players must obtain the subclass to claim various rewards.

Shipwright Subclass In Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, the Shipwreck subclass is the recently added subclass which has many different passive abilities. 

Shipwreck subclass is a subclass that was released in Update 21.

Shipwright subclass abilities
Showing Shipwright subclass abilities.

Hence, this subclass magnifies the game experience and it is a game-changer for sea adventurers.

Players require dedication and skill and must progress in the challenging sea event to unlock this subclass.

Following are some of the abilities of this subclass to unlock the ability to repair boats in blox fruits.

1. Gather Wood

Players equipped with this subclass can gather wood to repair the damaged ships.

Hence, each plank that players have gathered will repair +2 HP to the Ship.

2. Collect Wooden Planks

Players with this subclass increase their drop rate for wood from 30 percent to 90 percent.

Moreover, it also increases the amount of planks received by three times.

However, this is the only way to repair ships and can be helpful to any player who frequently goes to explore the seas.

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How To Get Shipwright Subclass In Blox Fruits?

Shipwright Teacher NPC is the gatekeeper to the world of ship repair and maintenance.

To unlock the subclass with lets you collect the wooden plank material and repair ships you need to follow certain steps.

Moreover, the following ways may help you to obtain the Shipwreck Subclass in Blox Fruits.

  1. You must be in Tiki Island to unlock this subclass.
  2. In Tiki Island, you will need to locate the Shipwright Teacher NPC.
  3. Here you need to complete his quest i.e., kill 20 sharks.
  4. After killing the 20 sharks in the Third Sea, he will grant you a Legendary Scroll.
  5. Buy the subclass with the in-game currency which will cost you around 3k.
Shipwright Teacher in Tiki Island
Players interacting with Shipwright Teacher in Tiki Island.

The Bottom Line

Only one Subclass is available in the new update of Blox Fruits. However, more subclasses are coming in Part 2.

Hence, to level up the subclass, players need to cut down the trees to collect the wood and utilize it to repair boats.

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