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Learn How To Give Prison Guards The Slip In Bitlife Online

Bitlife Online has released new challenges in the TIS giving challenge, introducing five new challenges in the game.

Specifically, players are concerned about how to give prison guards the slip, which is the fifth challenge.

If you are wondering how to give prison guards the slip in Bitlife, just commit a crime to end up in jail and then escape from the guards. However, players must follow many steps to complete this challenge.

Continue reading this article to learn how to give prison guards the slip in Bitlife.

Give Prison Guards The Slip Challenge

Bitlife Online is a life simulator game that allows players to virtually enjoy every aspect of life.

Occasionally, they also release new events in the game, introducing new challenges in the game.

Intro to give prison guards a slip
Introduction to “Give prison guards a slip” challenge.

Similarly, they have released the new TIS giving event to debut new event-themed challenges.

In total, there are 5 challenges that players can complete in order to receive the event rewards.

However, there is one challenge called “give prison guards the slip” that does not match the festive theme.

Therefore, players are concerned about how to solve this challenge as it seems complicated.

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How To Give Prison Guards The Slip?

The objective of this challenge is for players to get jailed and then escape from the guards.

Hence, this challenge can be divided into two steps to make the challenge easier for players. They are:

1. End Up In Prison

There are many steps that players must complete to end up in prison. They are:

  1. Firstly, they must commit a crime by visiting activities> crime and choosing one crime.
  2. Players will then be caught by the police, allowing them to choose an option during the arrest.
  3. Then, players must pick the “Cooperate with them” option to proceed to the next stage.
  4. Similarly, they must pick the “Apologize for my actions” option during the public outrage.
    choosing Guilty to end up in the prison
    Choose Guilty to end up in prison for the challenge.
  5. Players must pick any law firm to defend them in the court.
  6. Finally, players must plead “Guilty” in the court to receive a sentence and end up in prison.

2. Complete Minigame To Give Guards The Slip

Players must complete a series of events to escape the prison to complete this Bitlife Online quest. They are:

  1. Firstly, they must click on Prison>Escape>Yes to attempt to escape the prison.
  2. Then, players must escape the guard in the chessboard-like puzzle on the screen.
  3. The guard moves twice every time but only moves horizontally at first.
    completing the minigame is how you give a slip to prison guards
    Complete the minigame to give prison guards a slip.
  4. Hence, players must outwit the guard to solve this puzzle and escape from the prison.
  5. Alternatively, players can also watch a video to obtain the guard’s outfit to directly escape from the prison.
  6. Finally, the challenge is complete once players escape from the prison.

The Bottom Line

Giving the guards a slip is a lengthy challenge as players must perform a series of activities.

Therefore, players must take online guidance to aid them in this challenge to complete it easily.

However, they can also attempt this challenge by themselves to enjoy the thrill first-hand.

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