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How To Get Candy In Blox Fruits 2023?

Candy is a limited in-game currency that is available in the X-mas update of Blox Fruits 2023.

It serves as a valuable item that can enhance your character’s abilities and provide a boost to your overall gaming adventure.

To get Candy in Blox Fruit 2023, you need to beat A-level NPCs and trade certain resources for candy in trading shops.

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What Is Candy In Blox Fruits 2023?

Candy is a resource of the game through which you can trade for advanced items and more resources.

This is a limited edition in-game currency which will be only valid until Christmas and New Year.

Hence, it’s important to note that the enhancements provided by Candy are temporary and only last till the end of the event.

Candy in Blox Fruits 2023
These are the candies that you can get throughout the X-Mas event in Blox Fruits.
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Where To Find Candy In Blox Fruits 2023?

Candies are found as a reward for defeating A-level NPCs and are also found in the treasures and trading shops.

It can also be discovered while exploring the various islands scattered throughout Blox Fruits 2023.

The trading places where you can trade any of your resources with your candy are.

Trading PlacesRequirements
Santa ClawsElf Hat, Santa Hat and The Sleigh
Magic Elf15 minutes of 2x XP, Stats Refund and Race Rerolls
Greedy ElfFragments
Blox Fruit Dealers random Blox Fruits

Ways To Find Candy In Blox Fruits 2023

Candy plays a delicious role, providing various benefits to enhance your gaming experience.

Players are confused as defeating NPC will seem easy to say but requires a lot of experience and exploration of the game.

You can follow these ways to find Candy in Blox Fruits 2023.

1. Defeating Enemies

One of the primary ways to find candy in Blox Fruits 2023 is by engaging in battles and defeating enemies.

As you explore the game’s diverse islands, be on the lookout for hostile NPCs or other players.

 Furthermore, defeating them may reward you with candy drops.

2. Exploring Islands

Candy can also be discovered while exploring the various islands within the game.

For this, take the time to roam around different terrains, including forests, beaches, and caves.

Keep your eyes peeled for candy spawns in unexpected places.

3. Completing Quests

Quests are often available throughout the game and can involve tasks like defeating enemies, delivering items, or exploring areas.

Completing quests may yield sweet rewards in the form of candy.

4. Participating In Events

Keep an eye out for special events within the game as events often come with opportunities to earn candy.

You must participate in these events to enhance your candy collection.

5. Team Up with Friends

Joining forces with other players can increase your chances of finding candy.

Therefore, team up with friends on the same quest, and share the sweet rewards you discover during your adventures.

Defeating NPCs
In this image, you can visualize a player defeating NPCs in Blox Fruit 2023.

The Bottom Line

Finding candy in Blox Fruits 2023 is a delightful aspect of the game that adds an extra pace of excitement.

Therefore, you follow the ways to find candy and use it wisely as its max collection limit is only 5000.

As a result of being limited and can only be used during this event, make sure to try these ways during the X-mas event.

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