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An Overview On Book Of Yog Centaur Minerva

Players can explore various characters in the game Book of Yog, including Centaur Minerva.

She has a unique appearance, with a human torso and a horse’s lower body, making players more curious to learn about her.

Players can have Centaur Minerva as their character in the game Book of Yog. She is a warrior who can deal physical damage and protect her allies with her shield.

Continue reading to learn more about the Book of Yog and the character of Centaur Minerva in the game.

Book Of Yog: An Overview

Book of Yog is a 3D idle RPG game available on Steam in its early access.

It has a Cel-Shading art style and features dozens of heroes, hundreds of skills, thousands of loot, and a kingdom-building system.

Further, the game has multiple interesting characters that can be unlocked as you progress through the stages.

Here, you need to eliminate the enemies and monsters along the way while protecting civilians.

You can explore the secrets of a lost world and form the strongest team of your own.

However, the game is currently in Early Access, and the developers plan to add more content and features. 

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Who Is Centaur Minerva In Book Of Yog?

Centaur Minerva is one of the interesting and heroic characters in the game Book of Yog.

She is a centaur, which means she has the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse.

However, her design is quite different from the traditional depiction of centaurs.

Instead of having a horse torso and legs, she has four human legs with hooves and a horse tail.

Additionally, she wields a large sword and a shield for combat.

Centaur Minerva is one of the characters in Book of Yog
Centaur Minerva is one of the characters in the Book of Yog.

Furthermore, she also has horse ears and a horn on her forehead.

She wears a metal armor that covers her chest, arms, and part of her legs. 

Some players find her design horrifying while others find it very unique and pretty.

Book Of Yog Characters

Apart from Centaur Minerva, there are multiple other characters that players find interesting.

Each character is unique and has their own outfit, making them distinct from the others.

Further, players can upgrade the characters after leveling up in the game. Some of the characters are given below:

1. Angel Gabriel

An angel Gabriel is a hero character from the Light faction, who has a pair of white wings, a halo, and a golden robe.

He is a healer who can restore health and remove debuffs from his allies.

Further, he carries a staff with a cross on top and a book in his hand and has a calm and gentle personality.

2. Demon Lilith

The Demon Lilith is from the Dark Faction and has a pair of black horns, red eyes, and a dark dress.

She is a mage who can deal magical damage and curse her enemies with various effects.

Likewise, she holds a skull and dagger in her hands with a seductive and fierce personality.

3. Dragon Zephyr

Dragon Zephyr is a dragon hero from the Chaos Faction with a large body covered with scales, wings, and tails.

He has a fierce personality and can absorb damage and taunt his enemies.

Further, he has a fiery breath and a roar that can stun the enemies around.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Book of Yog is a casual and engaging idle RPG game with interesting characters and gameplay elements.

It is a good choice for players who enjoy building and strategizing kingdoms.

While exploring the secrets of the lost world players can equip Centaur Minerva as their main character.

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