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Boorito Promo Code Not Working: What Are The Alternatives?

As Halloween 2023 begins, many users report that the Boorito promo code is not working at Chipotle.

Chipotle announced that users must use the promo code “BOORITO” when checking out from their applications to get the discount.

Even though Chipotle announced the offer, the promo code for Boorito is not working and users are not getting the discount. However, customers can visit the store in person or opt for the Qdobda, which offers a tempting Buy One, Get One deal simultaneously.

Continue reading to learn more about the Boorito Promo Code Not Working.

The Boorito Promotion: Tradition With Twist

For more than two decades, Chipotle has been providing Halloween festive offers to its customers through its Boorito promotion.

They started this tradition in 2000, encouraging customers to partake in the burrito-themed contest on Halloween.

Halloween Offer
People around the globe enjoy Halloween.

As the clock strikes midnight on Halloween, many users log in to their Chipotle app, hoping to get a great deal on burritos.

Chipotle’s Halloween Boorito Offer 

Chipotle is famous for its Halloween offer discount for burritos, and the 2023 burrito promotion catered exclusively to its members.

Customers only have to catch the  $6 entree to use the promo code “BOORITO” during their checkout on its applications.

The offer is valid from 3 P.M. local time until the end of October 31, and customers can enjoy their discounted Burritos.

Chipotle Booritos Offer
Chipotle is back with its Halloween Booritos Offer.

Furthermore, like any deal, members are limited to one offer per transaction to ensure every customer gets a discount. 

Besides that, if you want to add extra toppings like queso, guacamole or additional meant, you should pay the extra cost.

Boorito Promo Code Not Working Issue

After the clock struck 3 P.M., eager customers of Chipotle logged into their websites and applications to redeem their $6 entree.

Unfortunately, they encountered technical issues mentioning the “Boorito Promo Code is Not Working.”

This might happen if you’ve entered the wrong promo code or the date expired code.

Even after entering the correct code, sometimes the app or website may be down showing the promo code not working error.

Customers are frustrated because customer support is useless since the chatbot on the website has proved to be less than helpful. 

Chipotle Restaurant
A Hooting Board of the Chipotle Restaurant.

The reputation of the Chipotle took a direct hit, as it has disappointed its loyal customers.

Besides getting the discount on the burritos, most customers experienced technical difficulties which haunt their experience.

Some of the issues that customers had to encounter are discussed below.

  1. Verification Issues: Many customers are facing the issues of the two-step verification process, as it fails to send the text for the verification.
  2. Code Delays: Similarly, many customers got the verification code, but it was late and beyond the 5-minute validity.
  3. App Anomalies: Moreover, beyond the verification problems, the app was crashing while opting for the discount.
  4. Missing Item: Besides that, some customers managed to add items successfully only to encounter the text “missing item” while applying the code.

Alternatives To Boorito Promo Code Not Working

For Chipotle fans who cannot get the discount from the official website and application of Chipotle, there are other alternatives.

Customers can visit their nearest Chipotle restaurant in person and demand a Halloween discount.

Some store managers are willing to honor the Halloween discount and provide an extraordinary entree to their customers.

Besides that, customers can opt for another fast food restaurant called Qdoba, which offers a tempting Buy one Get one Free Offer during Halloween.

The Bottom Line

Halloween should be the time for trick and treats, and many customers look forward to the annual Burrito promotion of Chipotle.

However, due to unfortunate circumstances, Chipotle can not live up to its standards which has frustrated many customers.

Thus, customers can visit the store in person to redeem the discount, or they could opt for alternatives.

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