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Booster Oldest To Youngest: Revealing Age In Mario RPG

Booster is a Super Mario RPG Remake character whose family portraits are arranged from the oldest to the youngest.

However, this puzzle is designed to add an element of fun and exploration, which also encourages observation of details.

The correct order for interacting with the Booster Oldest to Youngest family portraits puzzle is 6 – 5 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 4.

Continue reading to learn more about Booster Oldest to Youngest, how to solve it, and its rewards in Super Mario RPG Remake.

Booster Oldest To Youngest

Booster is a large, muscular man with a handlebar mustache and a bald head.

He often uses his engineering skills to create taps and obstacles for Mario and his friends.

Hence, the character is a recurring antagonist in the Super Mario series.

The Booster Oldest to Youngest puzzle requires players to interact with six portraits in order from the oldest to the youngest.

In Super Mario RPG, Booster kidnaps Princess Peach and takes her to his tower.

Mario and Bowser team up to rescue Peach, and they eventually make their way to the top of the tower.

Then, they will encounter the Booster Family Portraits Puzzle; however, a note on the wall near the locked door provides a hint.

Likewise, it states that you need to interact with the portraits in order from the oldest to the youngest.

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Booster Oldest To Youngest Puzzle Solution

The solution for the Booster Oldest to Youngest family portrait puzzle in Super Mario RPG remake is:

1. Portrait 6 (Oldest) This portrait features Booster with a handlebar mustache and glasses. However, the handlebar mustache is a distinct facial hair style with upward-curving extensions. 

2. Portrait 5 (Second Oldest): This portrait features Booster with a wide smile and a yellow hat. The broad smile also suggests a cheerful demeanor, and the yellow hat adds a vibrant and happy element to Booster’s character.

3. Portrait 3 (Third Oldest): This portrait depicts Booster with an eyepatch. Likewise, the eyepatch adds a sense of mystery or adventure to Booster’s look.

4. Portrait 1 (Third Youngest): This portrait showcases Booster in a gnarly-looking style with sunglasses. Gnarly is a term signifying an excellent or impressive appearance.

5. Portrait 2 (Second Youngest): This portrait features Booster wearing a cone-shaped red hat. The cone-shaped hat adds a whimsical and playful element to the appearance.

6. Portrait 4 (Youngest): The youngest portrait shows Booster with a small red hat. Additionally, the tiny red hat may symbolize youthfulness or playfulness, indicating the youngest member of Booster’s family.

Rewards For Solving The Puzzle

If you complete the Booster Oldest to Youngest, then it will grant you two valuable rewards:

1. Elder Key

The youngest portrait, which is of Booster, will spit out the Elder Key after you solve the puzzle.

This key is valid for unlocking the locked door in the same room.

Moreover, this door leads to a hidden chamber containing the Chain Chomp weapon for Bowser.

spit out the Elder key mario rpg remake
The youngest portrait will spit out the Elder key upon completing the puzzle.

2. Chain Chomp Weapon

The Chain Chomp is a formidable early-game weapon for Bowser, enhancing his combat abilities.

It offers significant damage potential and a relatively easy-to-master attack pattern.

However, it becomes essential to Bowser’s arsenal, enhancing his combat capabilities in the game’s early stages.

chain chomb weapon super mario rpg
The Chain Chomp enhances Bowser’s combat capabilities.

The Bottom Line 

After solving the puzzle, a humorous dialogue reads, “Remember to respect your elders.

Additionally, when you encounter Shysters, it allows you to gain experience points.

Therefore, players can retry the puzzle as often as needed until the correct order is achieved.

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