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Where To Go After Monstro Town In Mario RPG Remake?

Many players wonder where to go after playing Monstro Town in Super Mario RPG Remake.

Moreover, players who found the way are unable to complete the mini-quest while progressing through.

Players should enter the Desert area after progressing through the Bridge area in Land’s End, follow the enemy in the pit and finally use the Paratroopa shells to reach the top of the Land End’s cliff to unlock Bean Valley.

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Where To Go After Monstro Town In Mario RPG? Complete Guide

After players find Monstermama in Monstro Town, the character will provide a possible hint of the following location.

The character will describe about the secret passage location to the sky at the Bean Valley via the cliff beyond the desert.

Later, Mostermama will introduce players to Paratroopas; however, they cannot assist players in finding the following location.

Hence, to find the next area after completing the Monstro Town event, follow the given procedure;

1. Head To Land’s End

To enter the next area, players should initially make their way to the Land’s End by selecting through the World Map.

Land's end mario rpg
Enter the Land’s End via the World map.

While progressing through, players will find multiple cannons; use them to pass through the higher walls.

Players will encounter multiple enemies on the way, so either beat them or run away from the area.

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2. Reach The Arrow Cliff

Passing through the Land’s end, players will come across the Star box, where players will find the rotating flowers.

Over there, players should use the flowers to reach the next platform after falling through the arrow sign.

how to unlock bean valley
Reach the next platform after falling through the cliff.

Players will find an NPC who will provide a bridge mini-quest; thankfully, it is optional so that players can skip the mission.

3. Pass The Bridge

Next to the NPC, players will find a bridge, use it and make their way to the trampoline. 

mario rpg where to go after monstro town
Reach the Trampoline area in the desert.

Further, players must head to the northeast direction until they find multiple enemies in the sand.

Players must defeat enemies and follow one of them, which enters the Desert hole.

With multiple pits, players must enter the exact pits for three to reach the next stage.

4. Climb Land End’s Cliff

In the next stage of the game, players will find multiple Paratroopas who will insist players climb the cliff by jumping from shell to shell.

Therefore, players must utilize their time and slowly pass from one shell to another to reach the top.

mario rpg where to go after monstro town
Use the shells to reach the top.

Sergeant Flutter will provide players with the exact climb time to get an insight into the progression.

If players are willing to get a few rewards, they can re-sat again and reach the top in less time.

After reaching the top area, players shall see an open pillar that unlocks a getaway to the Bean Valley.

The Bottom Line

Reaching the Bean Valley after making the way to Monstro Town may be tricky due to unclear hints and Paratroopa guidance.

However, reaching Valley is easy while following the correct measures, including the arrow sign, desert, enemy pit, and Paratroopa shell.

After visiting the Bean Valley, players can access essential locations like Nimbus Land and the Grate Guy’s Casino.

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