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Explore The Booster Pass Hidden Treasure In Mario RPG

Players can explore the area for a hidden treasure in the Booster Pass of Mario RPG.

Furthermore, the area contains two hidden treasures with different rewards for the players to collect.

In Mario RPG, players can find various hidden treasures in the Booster pass. The players can find a hidden treasure over an artichoke and near the exit of the booster pass in Mario RPG.
This article discusses the location of hidden treasure in the Booster Pass of Mario RPG.

What Are Hidden Treasures In Mario RPG?

Hidden treasures are a form of chests that players can choose to find in Mario RPG.

Furthermore, the chests are available all over the areas players can visit.

In Mario RPG, Players can find a total of 39 hidden chests. However, players are expecting to find more later on.

After finding the chests, players must interact with it to obtain various items.

Most chests typically contain “Frog coins.” However, the last chest will also give the players a “Mushroom.”

Since there are a total of 39 hidden chests, players can expect to obtain at least 38 Frog coins.

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Location Of Hidden Treasure In Booster Pass Mario RPG

The Booster Pass is a stage in Mario RPG. This stage also contains another stage, the Booster’s Tower.

To enter to open the door at the top of Booster Tower, you’ll need the booster password, which is a four-letter word.

The mario rpg booster password will be the same as the file name you keep at the beginning of the game.

The tower contains its own hidden chests that players can obtain and interact with.

In Booster Pass, there are a total of two hidden treasures that players can interact with and obtain the rewards for.

Here is a guide on obtaining the Hidden Treasures in Booster Pass Mario RPG:

1.  Booster Pass Hidden Treasure 1

When players enter the booster pass stage, they must head to the left side of the first area.

They will notice an artichoke on a platform looking over a barren land.

Hidden chest 1 booster pass mario rpg
Players can find the first hidden chest above an artichoke in the booster pass.

Then, the players must jump on the artichoke and right above it, they will find the first hidden chest in Booster Pass.

After interacting with the chest, players will obtain a flower.

2. Booster Pass Hidden Treasure 2

After players obtain the first treasure, they must return to the path towards the exit of the booster pass.

Players will notice a segment of ledges right past the Lakitu.

Furthermore, if the location seems confusing, players will find a chest on the left side of the exit.

Hidden chest 2 booster pass mario rpg
Players will find the second hidden chest near the exit of the booster pass.

Players must jump up towards the left side of the exit and obtain a Rock Candy item.

They can progress through the next stage after obtaining all the chests in the booster pass.

However, players will want to return to this area once more after progressing through the game.

This is because, after progressing through the story, players can obtain more items and chests in this stage.

The Bottom Line

Hidden chests are an excellent way for players to interact and explore the stages of a game.

Furthermore, it also rewards players for exploring the stages, thus, allowing them to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Also, certain hidden items and chests can reveal various hidden pieces of a story. Thus, it is better to explore every area of a stage.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding the hidden chests in booster pass Mario RPG.

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