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Guide To Obtain The Dream Infusion Currency In WoW

A new currency called “Dream Infusion” is about to enter World Of Warcraft.

The currency allows players to purchase various reskins of mounts and pets.

In the new patch of World of Warcraft, Guardians of the Dream, the developers are bringing in a new currency named “Dream Infusion” for the players to collect. This currency can be obtained by defeating monsters, participating in events, and even completing the storyline.
This article discusses the Dream Infusion currency in WOW.

What Is Dream Infusion In WOW?

Dream Infusion is a new currency that players can obtain in Wow.

The currency allows the players to obtain a mount or a pet from an NPC.

However, the difference between this mount or pet and the normal ones is that the dream-infused pets and mounts look visually different.

Furthermore, players can only purchase the mounts or pets they already own.

Dream infusion wow
A new currency is coming in the guardians of the Dream Patch.

This means if the players find a mount they like in the NPC shop but do not own it, they cannot purchase it from the NPC.

Moreover, each mount or pet costs one dream infusion to purchase.

Thus, it can take quite a while before players can purchase the mount they like.

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How To Obtain Dream Infusion In WOW?

Players must follow a few simple steps to obtain the dream fusion.

Here is a step-by-step guide to obtain the Dream infusion in World Of Warcraft:

  1. First, players must reach renown five with the new faction Dream Wardens.
  2. After reaching renown five with the faction, a new system will unlock by the name “Dream Infusion.”
  3. Then, it will unlock a new quest with the NPC “Eliana” within the main camp in Emerald Dream.
    Dream infusion quest Wow
    Talk with Eliana to start the quest.
  4. After going through the quest, it will detail how the system works to the players.
  5. Then, it will unlock a progress bar under Eliana.
  6. This progress bar denotes the completion percentage to obtaining the Dream Infusion.
  7. Players must collect dream energy after the progress bar unlocks to obtain one Dream infusion.
  8. Players can obtain dream energy through weekly quests, blooming dream seeds, emerald bounties, and super-bloom events.
  9. After collecting the currency, players can return to Eliana and purchase their desired mount or pet.
    Use dream infusion to purchase mount wow
    Players can use the currency to purchase a mount or a pet they desire.

Each method provides the players with a different amount of dream energy.

Furthermore, side, main and world quests will give the players some dream energy.

Players will also find various treasures worldwide, giving them a few points of Dream energy.

Additionally, elite rare monsters and rare monsters will also give Dream energy, however, elite rares will only give dream energy once per day.

Lesser Dream Infusion In WOW

During the initial questline for the Dream infusion, players will come across a quest named “Green Dream Team.”

This is a quest that Eliana provides to the players herself.

When players accept this quest, they will obtain a lesser dream infusion.

The players can hand in the quest immediately after obtaining the item and get rid of it.

However, doing so will lead to players losing out on a pet forever.

The pet the players will be losing is “Snorr”, however, there is a way to not lose out on the pet and still complete the quest.

Lose snorr due to quest wow
Players will lose Snorr if they instantly hand in the Green Dream team quest.

Instead, players can first hand in the quest by completing it, and this will give them the pet “Rithro” as a reward.

Then, talk with  Elaina to purchase “Snorr” using the lesser dream infusion.

The Bottom Line

The dream infusions are a great way to make the players interact with various game contents and then feel rewarded with the pets and mounts.

Furthermore, it also allows the developers to reuse certain cosmetics to entice the players to obtain a variant of said cosmetics.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the Dream Infusions in Wow.

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